Are we free?

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What is freedom?

– the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants.
– the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
– the state of not being subject to or affected by (something undesirable).

Most of us belong to states which are free. We have earmarked specific days in our calendars every year to celebrate our independence as nations. Growing up, we reveled in the tales of valor, ingenuity, and indomitable spirit that our forefathers and foremothers possessed to deliver us freedom. As children, we were asked to understand and cherish this freedom. This set of free children eventually became or will become the workforce running this world. Can you imagine the damage to a free mind when it encounters the bondage of work culture? Are we free to work from anywhere, anytime? Are we free to choose what we want to work on? Can we choose what tools we use to work? Suddenly, we are pushing nay punishing promising free minds by binding them with regulations and tools that are archaic. No one is free from this kind of modern bondage. So, we ask you one simple question – ‘Are we free?’

The single biggest enemy

Most of the stories and poems that we read as children are forgotten as we grow up. Sadly, the once-celebrated stories of freedom struggles get included in these forgotten tales, and soon like everything else that is free, freedom loses its sheen and meaning. The independence days that were all about parades, fireworks, etc. get converted into long weekend trips. This loss in the recognition of freedom’s value along with the transition from a child or a student to a working adult happens almost simultaneously. We obey orders, perform our tasks diligently, wait for our paychecks and pay our dues. Slowly, we lose the feeling of being free and are always bound inside the corporate labyrinth.

The depressing part of this transition is the fact that almost none of us protest even when the walls are closing in. The same society that rebelled against superior armies, earthquakes, diseases stays silent when transforming the young free minds into caged adults. It is almost as if society cannot see this silent enemy. This enemy strips away our choices, makes us do work that is futile and repetitive. This enemy is recommended by our bosses, managers as saviors of the workforce. The enemy is also considered as entrepreneur-friendly or the panacea for the business. The single biggest enemy that is binding, enslaving our workforce is shitty, difficult to configure, expensive enterprise software.

Some are freer than others…

We believe that everyone, in whichever organization, city, state, or country deserves the dignity of freedom. As George Orwell famously said (not!) “ All are free. But some are freer than others.” We are a call center software, helping businesses add phone channels to their ecosystem. Our clientele includes large and small- I.T software companies, architectural firms, e-commerce portals, hotels & resorts, political parties, educational institutions, network providers, emergency helplines, small cafes & restaurants, hairstylists, etc. In short, we serve across a large cross-section of society with varied interests, beliefs, and behaviors. However, the underlying connection is that they are all trying to change the status quo of customer engagement using Freshcaller. They have all rejected the notion of clunky, distastefully expensive call center software options and have built their phone operations using Freshcaller.

Phone systems are the only direct human-to-human conversational channel. When you think about giving specific instructions to your Uber/Lyft driver or getting your lost/stolen credit card canceled- would you prefer doing a phone call or emailing your bank to freeze your card? Or would you like to use live chat during an emergency or dial 911? There is a reason why helplines, governmental organizations, hospitals, and first responders use phones as the mainline of communication. It is direct, instantaneous, the message gets across to the receiver, and more personal than any of the other channels.

How Freshcaller is doing its bit in liberating today’s workforce

freedom for global workforce

Building a censor-free communication channel

This is the age of concern about freedom of speech and expression regarding the different channels of communication. And phone lines remain an open, transparent, and accessible communication channel helping people across various geographies to connect with one another. It is important to manage a channel that is inherently democratic and allows people to voice their opinions. More importantly, let’s take a look at the numerous suicide prevention and other helpline numbers built on top of phones being open and inclusive to encourage people to share their feelings. The success of these helpline numbers owes a great deal to the unique duality of phone conversations – non-intrusive but definitely personal.

Liberating you from your desks

Organizations are now talking about work-life integration rather than work-life balance. Today’s workforce demands a culture that gives them the freedom to work from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Employees should not be restricted by their physical proximity to their local offices in order to be productive. They should be allowed to contribute to your business, no matter the time or location.

Empowering you with phone capabilities

It is vital that your choice for your business phone system has capabilities that can help your business grow. Otherwise, your channel software will drag you down unable to keep up with your growth. We have built Freshcaller to help businesses scale up their operations without having to worry about growth issues.

We are familiar with Google Voice or Hangouts because we use it for our personal one-to-one conversations and try using the same for our business use cases. However, the limited functionalities of Google Voice will end up harming your growth in the long run thereby becoming a nuisance to your employees. We welcome any businesses currently using Google Voice to try out Freshcaller today and are sure that you will switch to the best Google Voice alternative in the market.

A true entrepreneur phone system

Entrepreneurs and startups always require a phone system that is simple to configure and easy to use. But more importantly, their growth rates are steep as well. There may be times when you have to look for better capabilities or outsourcing work out of the United States. A true entrepreneur phone system should be able to help you scale both in terms of size as well as geography. If it can only work in one country or pull out of other countries, it creates a bad aftertaste in our mouth. We, at Freshcaller, are declaring war against all such phone systems like Grasshopper phone. If you are looking for Grasshopper alternative, look no further than Freshcaller.

Affordable call center software

Affordability is a key criterion for businesses of all sizes. For some inexplicable reason, call center software options have always been extremely expensive and out of reach for small and medium businesses. All the cool technological upgrades, latest features were available for the top 2000 companies or so. What about the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses that are operating around the world? True that SMB’s want an affordable call center software but that shouldn’t force the next generation of disruptors to play catch-up with the incumbents. If you are a disruptor, then head straight to the Freshcaller sign-up page and join the revolution. On the other hand, if you are an incumbent, and tired of paying >$100 per agent for products like Zendesk Talk, then we welcome you to join the growing family of Zendesk departees.

Your call center’s big picture

Having flexible work time policies or teams spread over multiple cities, countries, and even continents can make it a demanding day for supervisors and administrators to know what is going in their call centers. One of the key reasons why work schedules are rigid is because of the lack of monitoring dashboards for administrators and supervisors. A true virtual phone system empowers its supervisors thereby liberating all the agents in the organization. People assume Skype works for businesses but there are clear reasons as to why businesses should be looking for Skype alternatives. To truly liberate the workforce, the call center software being used should work towards giving all the stakeholders the complete and more importantly, real-time picture of their business call center.

The beginning of the end for incumbents…

This is just the beginning of our push towards liberating the entire global workforce. When we launched Freshcaller in September 2017, recurring feedback was about how we have built a simple yet powerful call center software. Entrepreneurs and managers alike demanded that we keep this uniqueness of Freshcaller intact no matter how much we grow. Phone systems are decades-old and have a number of incumbents who have made it a prison block requiring hundreds to administer and maintain a standard business call center. Businesses had no choice but to sign up for one bloated call center software or another. Well, not anymore! There is a great choice available as an alternative to on-premise phone systems as well as other clunky cloud-based phone systems. No more long-term contracts or maintenance fees or special departments to configure your IVR. No more reason to stay slaves to expensive, unaffordable call center software. So, we ask you one simple question – ‘Do you want to be free?’

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Illustrations by Nikhil Kanda