Freshcaller at your (Fresh)service

On a perfectly blue Monday, Zoe is all set to get her work started. Not.

She has reached the office late, exchanged half-hearted smiles on her way and is dreading all the backlog she has to chase this week.

The moment she reaches her desk with her coffee half-spilled, her laptop begins to behave like a difficult client and eventually like a lost lead.

 She picks up the landline and asks around for the IT team’s number, but nobody remembers it.

Zoe is left with the only option of borrowing her colleague Aranya’s laptop, which she does and after a little struggle, trial and error, she recalls the URL of the IT portal. (She learns it and also the fact that Aranya is not fond of bookmarks.)

 Alien to its interface, she struggles with raising a ticket but finally does it. Takes out her phone, starts checking her emails and can feel her workload growing, like a wobbly Jenga tower.

 She has to repeatedly request Aranya to refresh and check the status of her ticket. Nothing changes, except of course Aranya’s facial expressions. Sigh!

 On how many occasions have we all wondered – if we could JUST get on a call with the IT expert instead of going through the long mundane process of raising a ticket and having to depend on system-based responses for resolution.

 Well, now we can!

The Freshcaller x Freshservice integration does this and much more – one can now add Freshcaller under support channels for Freshservice. (Quick steps to integrate)

Once integrated, all recent calls (including the ones made from Freshcaller) are listed out for the Freshservice user’s reference. The user can click on the Phone icon and get started. 

1) Perform quick functions from the Freshcaller widget in Freshservice: 

  1. Look up contacts, Make and receive calls.
  2. Conventional actions such as pause, mute, add notes and transfer calls during the call
  3. During an ongoing call, IT agents can view recent calls and tickets related to that contact for better context.
  4. Request an item, Create a new ticket or Add the call to an existing ticket and tag the relevant owners.
  5. IT agents can record calls and add the call recording as an attachment to the ticket.

2) Convert voicemails or missed calls into tickets:

All the voicemails and missed calls get automatically converted into tickets to avoid any missouts.

3)Define call flows:

This lets the admins route incoming calls to the desired action(s) both at the caller and the agent’s end. For eg. Leave a voicemail, Send to a call queue, Hang-up, etc.

4) Add Interactive Voice Response:

Admins can set-up an IVR and direct users to the right expert(s) within the IT team. For eg. Asset management, Hardware/Software etc.

We’re constantly working on bug fixes and performance improvements for this integration. If you encounter any issues or have any ideas, feel free to talk to us. 

As for Zoe, rumor has it that some wise employee (No, not Aranya) recommended that the IT team tries out the uber-cool Freshservice and so they did. Zoe still dreads Mondays, but not the IT glitches anymore. 🙂

About Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a plug-n-play phone system for every type of business, and helps augment customer engagement and collaboration within internal teams. Users can purchase local and international toll-free numbers, get real-time visibility into call queues and ongoing conversations, route calls to specific agent groups, set up custom business hours for each department, and more.

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