Mr. Watson, your call center software on cloud is here!

Yes! We are invoking Alexander Graham Bell because he would have been as excited as we are about Freshcaller call center software’s beta launch! He would have uttered (exclaimed) these exact words to signal how setting up a call center will change, post the Freshcaller launch.

Reimagine your call center

Freshcaller, the latest product from the Freshworks family, is a cloud-based call center solution that can be up and running in minutes. We realized that businesses face great difficulties while establishing an effective call center solution; often the cost of purchasing the required hardware and software pushes down profits and delays expansion plans. We met with numerous business owners struggling to track incoming callers or engaging effectively with their sales leads. These invaluable discussions helped us build a product that enables businesses to establish and operate an efficient call center. Now, businesses do not have to commit to a large initial investment or endure long set-up times – two vital constraints for growth.

As a successful business owner, you aspire to acquire and maintain relationships with clients across the world. The future’s bright, but you’re starting to run into a host of problems. You are exhausted trying to figure out how to keep the communication going. Voice connectivity, in particular, is vital when it comes to getting things done across geographies. It is that very connectivity – or lack thereof – that’s giving you a headache.

We know that you love to connect with potential customers over the phone. You probably want to give customers a local helpline to call when they need a hand. However, that’s not very feasible for a company that doesn’t have offices all over the world. You end-up making costly international calls in reaching out to customers and start cursing your growth.

That’s where we come in.

Freshcaller helps you purchase local, international and toll-free phone numbers in more than 40 countries around the world. You can make & receive calls with just a browser, set up personalized greetings and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  for your callers and forward business calls to your mobile numbers while you are on the go. You can run a call center for any location without being physically present there, and be perceived as a truly global brand delighting your customers with your availability and responsiveness.

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Grow without constraints

Freshcaller helps you scale up or scale down your operations with just the click of your mouse. We help you adapt to your ever-changing needs while ensuring that your call center is up and running all the time. Traditional call center solutions make haughty claims, and you definitely don’t want to be suckered into getting a one-size-fits-all package. As your business expands, you need a solution that can scale with you. Anything else is a short-term remedy at best. Luckily, Freshcaller offers functionalities such as live insights, historical reporting that ensures complete visibility & control and enables you to optimize your company’s call center operations.

How are we so confident about this? Because we’ve done it before. Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that grew from a team of six in 2011 to a global team of over 900 today, along the way acquiring & serving more than 80000 satisfied customers – with our help. When Freshdesk first started offering telephonic services, we received a few hundred calls every week from a few hundred customers. In the last six years, those numbers have skyrocketed to millions of calls, and that’s where Freshcaller earned its stripes.

Make the right call

You shouldn’t settle for a lesser solution if your phone channel is the first touchpoint with your prospects. With Freshcaller, you have the advantage of knowing the customer’s problem even before your agent says ‘Hello’? Wouldn’t you want to ensure that your sales executives utilize their talents thanks to a simple yet powerful dashboard? Let’s not forget the bottom line – you can do all of the above while saving on costs and achieving ROI as compared to other on-premise/cloud-based phone systems, all while reducing management overhead. And if you think that all of this sounds too good to be true, give Freshcaller a try – we think you might just be pleasantly surprised!