Holiday season with Freshcaller

We made it to the last month of 2017 and what a year it has been! Huge political events such as the new President of the United States to economic ones such as the surge of the Bitcoin have had a far-reaching influence on world affairs. Freshcaller has had a year of revelation with opening up our product for general usage. This being our first holiday season, we wanted to do something for all the wonderful people out there without whom we wouldn’t exist.

Holiday season with colleagues

This year, we are starting off by thanking our colleagues. Yes, while big brands create beautiful emotional messages involving family and friends; colleagues are often forgotten. Plus, not everyone across the world has a big Christmas party. So, we set up a toll-free phone number (+187 – SANTA – 506). We asked some to leave a voice message for colleagues who made a difference in their work lives. The recipients would receive the voice message in an email thanking them for being an awesome work partner. They could then choose to thank the original sender as well as refer other colleagues who have touched their lives. Why don’t you have a look at what we did!

Celebrate your colleagues

Workplace relationships are key to fostering individual as well as organizational growth. We believe that happy colleagues build better products leading to happy customers. If you would like to spread happiness in your workplace, you need to do the following

  1. Submit your colleague’s work email address in this Freshcaller Christmas form
  2. Make a phone call to +18772682506 (U.S toll-free phone number)
  3. Leave a voice message for your colleague

We will deliver your voice message to your colleague. In case, you are worried about making an international call, you can always sign up for a free Freshcaller trial account here. Using your Freshcaller trial account, you will be able to make phone calls and leave special voice messages for your colleagues.

Every call made, will cheer someone. So do call everyone this holiday season and celebrate together.

Illustration by Nikhil Kanda