Freshdesk Contact Center for Banking and Financial Services

To acquire and retain customers in the competitive financial services landscape, banks, fintech, and insurance companies need to earn the trust of their customers with transparency and unmatched support. Aside from knowledge of their own company’s products and services, agents should be aware of which products each customer uses and how best to help them manage their finances. 

With most transactions conducted digitally these days, as opposed to in-person at a branch, customers expect their financial service-providers to be available 24x7 across multiple channels for fast, personalized support. While self-service can help them with routine processes such as applying for a new loan or closing an account, customers need live agents to tackle urgent payment or account security issues. To create a people-first experience, agents need a phone system and other support tools that give them complete context of a customer’s interactions and can be operated smoothly across geographies and devices. Using Freshdesk Contact Center, these agents can navigate the fast-evolving landscape of payments, while engaging in secure, high-quality communication compatible with data regulations.

Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) can help you with:

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based phone system, you can:  

Empower agents to focus on problem-solving

To support customers globally, you’ll need local numbers in different regions, agents who speak multiple languages, and a dashboard that supplies context and can be customized to the user’s comfort. Freshdesk Contact Center allows agents to buy numbers in 90+ countries (or use Bring Your Own Carrier) and personalize their dashboard language settings. They can also pause call recording when customers provide sensitive personal or account verification details. Freshdesk Contact Center’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy for new agents to be onboarded without a steep learning curve. They can operate the system from any laptop or smartphone with an internet connection and work from any location.







Monitor operations and adapt in real-time

Payments and transactions rarely follow a 9-6 schedule. A customer who misplaces his credit card at 11pm needs an agent to quickly disable the card and flag suspicious transactions at that minute (and not wait until the following morning). Most financial service providers have multiple teams working around the clock to enable smooth and secure transactions. Supervisors manning support centers need a real-time view of ongoing calls, customers waiting in queue, and agent availability. With Freshdesk Contact Center, they can use powerful real-time and historical analytics to gauge call volume and contact center performance 24x7. With graphical reports, they can easily discern whether, for example, the team handling card cancellations needs more agents on weekend nights. 



monitor operations in real time

Drive speedy resolution to improve customer satisfaction

Agents work best when they have all the information they need to solve a problem and can access relevant experts/ team members in the organization. With the Freshdesk Core integration, agents can understand the magnitude of a problem (from a card that failed once to one that’s had a series of declined transactions) from previous conversations and notify the right departments accordingly. They can easily add other agents or supervisors to a call or route calls to different teams if customers have a few different requests when they reach the helpline. Customers who get quick responses to their concerns are more likely to remain customers for life.

drive speedy resolution to improve customer satisfaction

Freshdesk Contact Center’s Capabilities for BFSI Companies: 

Multi-entry IVRs

Route callers to the right agents and teams based on a single keypress action and include self-service options in the menu as well.

Call recordings

Use Freshdesk Contact Center’s dashboard to record calls for training, quality checks, and/or data logs while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Transfers & Conference calls

For callers with multiple queries, each handled by a different department, use warm transfer or conference capabilities to loop in the right support agents.

Queue callback

Allow customers to secure their place in a virtual queue and end the call, instead of waiting on the line until the agent is free to take their call.

Smart Answer Bot

Resolve common FAQs with instant support and streamline the calls that need agent interaction.

Automated ticket creation

Leverage auto-conversion of missed calls and voicemails to tickets, with the Freshdesk Core integration.

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