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Connect with your beneficiaries, donors, and volunteers using Freshcaller. A reliable and affordable phone system to help you drive your cause.
Non-profit phone service

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The benefits of using a VoIP for nonprofits


Lower your calling costs 

Reallocate your savings to the good work as your calling costs reduce significantly with Freshcaller. You don’t need IT or telephony experts to set-up your VoIP calling with Freshcaller. With just a laptop/mobile and a headset, you are ready to make calls worldwide. Freshcaller makes sure your NGO operations run smoothly, remote or not.






Lower calling costs with Freshcaller


Scale your phone service as you grow

Whether your team size is growing or you just have an active fund-raising phase, Freshcaller has you covered. You can add agents without worrying about procuring and setting up additional hard phones. With pay-as-you-go calling rates, you can manage your call-loads in the way that suits you best.






Scale your phone service with Freshcaller


Create a virtual global presence for your cause

Freshcaller VoIP for nonprofits lets you buy and use local, toll-free and international numbers. Local and toll-free numbers make it easier and cheaper for beneficiaries to call you when they need you and help you create a virtual global presence. With Freshcaller, you can be professional to your donors, approachable to your beneficiaries, and resourceful to your volunteers.




Create a virtual global presence with Freshcaller


Don’t miss any calls from the people that need you 

Create call-flows, so you always have someone to answer the calls you receive, and set-up multi-level IVRs to direct calls to the right agents or teams. You can even use voice-AI to answer repetitive questions from your callers automatically. Make use of business-hours and holiday settings to help your agents ensure boundaries between work and personal lives.

Don't miss any calls

Switch to cloud phone system with Freshcaller’s non-profit phone service

Agent Extensions

Give beneficiaries the option to connect directly with an agent. With this option, agents can create custom extensions and share them with customers. Beneficiaries can skip the IVR menu to have a conversation with an agent immediately.

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Call Recording

Listen to call recordings to clarify questions or settle disputes. Freshcaller has a variety of call recording options that comply with several regulations. You can start/pause call recording, opt-in for call recording, or even disable call recording.

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Deflect the frequently asked questions with Freshcaller’s AI-powered voice bot. By enabling your callers to interact with the voice bot, you reduce the load on your agents and let them focus on more complex tasks. 

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Queue Callback

Enable your callers to request a callback when your agents are busy. This way, your beneficiaries don’t have to wait in the queue and it helps them feel that they can always count on you. It gives your agents the flexibility to manage their call loads.

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Multi-level IVRs

Connect your callers to the most relevant teams with multilevel IVRs. They help you route callers to the right agents and teams with a single keypress action. Include self-service options in the menu to help beneficiaries get answers right away.

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More visibility

Always have a pulse on your caller satisfaction and agent performance. The live dashboard enables you to monitor incoming call volume to different numbers and groups. Check agent availability to plan staffing and business hours for each team.

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