Freshdesk Contact Center for Retail & eCommerce businesses

The multi-billion-dollar retail industry subsists on consistent and convenient brand experiences across a variety of touchpoints, including brick and mortar stores, online stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, and social media. To build a seamless shopping experience, you need to have complete visibility of a customer’s interactions with your brand across channels. This means that your data can’t be split across different teams and any agent should be able to identify a customer across shopping trips or store formats. 

Ecommerce customers often dread calling phone support because of interminable wait queues, multiple levels of IVRs, agent unavailability over busy spells and holidays, and having to repeat issues multiple times to different agents. For retailers, investment in hardware is costly, and relying on desk phones forces agents to share their personal numbers to be accessible on-the-go. 

To stay competitive in the retail landscape, you need all the available tools to keep customers satisfied and return to your brand each time. One of these tools is a phone system that agents can use easily without extensive training and from any device they prefer. Freshdesk Contact Center can provide a phone solution that fits in with your other support tools (such as email and chat) and frees your agents to solve every problem directed their way. 

Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) can help you:

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based phone system, you can:  

Solve problems in the shortest possible time

Some helplines are difficult to navigate with endless IVR options and long-drawn wait queues. A customer calling to return a pair of jeans doesn’t want to hear about an expedited shipping discount or a new payment option. They want to swiftly coordinate a pickup or store dropoff with an agent from the returns team and end the call. Earn the loyalty of your customers by quickly addressing the most common questions or directing them to any available agent or team when the assigned agent is unavailable (possible with Smart Escalations and Holiday Routing). When customers get the answers they need quickly, they’re less likely to abandon the call or send multiple emails for the same issue.

solve problems in the shortest possible time 3x solve problems in the shortest possible time 3x


Guarantee painless, personalized support

Customers frequently complain about having to repeat their concerns to a different agent each time they make a call. A customer whose package was delivered to the wrong address doesn’t want to convince three different agents that he didn’t receive what he ordered and therefore needs a replacement. With complete interaction history (thanks to the Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshdesk Core integration), an agent who attends a call can view past conversations and call notes, along with the customer’s order details to provide customized help. Even if the agent has to transfer the call to another, Freshdesk Contact Center’s warm transfer feature allows them to brief the other agent privately before patching the customer through.


guarantee painless personalized support 3x guarantee painless personalized support 3x

Implement a scalable solution

As your retail operations grow (especially across borders), you’ll need a modern phone system that’s easy to set-up and simple to operate. Your IT team may not be able to spend countless hours reviewing configurations, adding lines, and training employees. If you have a traditional phone line, you’ll need to reset it every time you change an address or add a new office/ storefront. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can eliminate the need for cables or physical phones and provide your agents with a system that can be operated from any laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. This means that your agents aren’t bound to one specific location. You can also add agent licenses and phone numbers 24x7 and execute routing changes in real-time.

implement a scalable solution 3x implement a scalable solution 3x

Freshdesk Contact Center’s Capabilities for Retail & ecommerce Businesses

After Call Work (ACW)

Configure a post-call work time that your agents can use to add notes or make changes or even create a ticket for a fellow agent to follow up on. 

Holiday Routing 

Add calendar holidays and build workflows to tackle incoming calls even when your primary support team is out of office.

Queue callback

 Allow customers to secure their place in a virtual queue and end the call, instead of waiting on the line until the agent is free to take their call.

SIP connections

Attend to incoming calls on your existing IP-enabled landlines while using the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard for transfers, notes, and other in-call functions.

Call recordings

 Use Freshdesk Contact Center’s dashboard to record calls for training and/or data logs while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Reports and metrics

Monitor incoming call volume to different numbers/groups and agent availability to plan staffing and business hours for each team. 

Read more about Freshdesk Contact Center’s feature suite here. Check our features page. 

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