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Software companies face a unique challenge. Unlike physical products that don’t change once purchased, SaaS is constantly evolving and customers pay repeatedly (perhaps on a monthly basis) for a product that might look and function differently each time. Consequently, software companies need to build long-term relationships with their customers and ensure that both their product and their support standards drive recurring revenue. 

To help customers when they encounter issues while using your platform or product, you’ll need a network of support reps who know the software and people with technical capabilities to address problems that are more complex and require product-level intervention. These agents need a system that allows them to provide helpful real-time advice and follow-up promptly. A cloud phone solution, that can power calls on any device and across countries, is integral to that support system. With Freshdesk Contact Center, agents can prioritize customer relationships and provide the right help at the right time.

Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)can help you with:

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based phone system, you can:  

Leverage flexibility without compromising control

To quickly add phone lines to new or existing offices, you’ll need a system that lets you purchase numbers, add users, and configure routing within minutes. Unlike traditional PBX systems, Freshdesk Contact Center has a digital dashboard on which you can add agent licenses or set up call workflows at any time. You don’t need an IT team or a network operator to plan installations of cables and landlines months in advance. Your phone system can be ready the same day you open a new field sales office in Berlin or Sydney. The central dashboard also tracks usage across all your numbers so you don’t need to wait on telecom companies in each region to provide you with data.

central call dashboard


Enable contextual support

An exceptional support agent surveys the customer’s current issue along with their case history- past tickets, previous conversations, and account details - to solve the problem. If a customer calls your helpline a third time to configure payment options on their e-commerce website using software that you provide, your agents can use tickets, emails, call notes, and even recordings to determine how best to help the customer. A call recording will help the agent understand exactly what the customer was requested to do in the previous call and supply instructions accordingly. With the Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshdesk Core integration, your support agents can view a customer’s interaction history with your company on just one platform.


customer issues along with call history

Build sales hubs anywhere

Using Freshdesk Contact Center, you can easily purchase local numbers in 90+ countries, lending credibility to the calls placed by your sales reps to prospects. Instead of placing calls from their personal mobile numbers (that go unregistered in the CRM system), reps can mask their office numbers with personal numbers. With the Freshsales integration, Freshdesk Contact Center logs each call in the lead profile page so that overall outreach effectiveness (including response to email campaigns) to any prospect can be measured. Reps can quickly add follow up tasks & appointments so that they spend more time selling and less time on busywork. With Freshdesk Contact Center’s smartphone app, sales execs can work from your office, their homes, or any location their work takes them.

buy local phone number

Freshdesk Contact Center’s Capabilities for Software Companies

Call recordings

Use Freshdesk Contact Center’s dashboard to record calls for training, quality checks, and/or data logs while adhering to regulatory requirements. 

Integrated actions

Create a lead/ticket or append a call to an existing lead/ticket with Freshdesk Contact Center’s integrations with Freshsales and Freshdesk.

Call masking

Control the Caller ID that prospects see by masking your number with personal/ local numbers from the region that you’re targeting.

Scale-as-you-grow model

Add numbers, agent licenses, and plan upgrades as your business grows and pay for only what you use/ need..

Multi-entry IVRs

Route callers to the right agents and teams based on a single keypress action and include self-service options in the menu as well.

Reports and metrics

Monitor incoming call volume to different numbers/groups and agent availability to plan staffing and business hours for each team. 

Read more about Freshdesk Contact Center’s feature suite here. Check our features page. 

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