Freshdesk Contact Center for Travel & Hospitality businesses

The hospitality industry is well known for its standards of customer service globally. Leading players in this industry understand that impressing the customer on the first visit (and each subsequent one) leads to repeat visits and referral business from other travelers. 

These companies strive to cultivate long-term relationships and personalize interactions with their customers, from knowing their seat preference on an airline (window or aisle) to the kind of room they’d like to stay in. Hotels and travel agencies are also available 24x7 to address any standard or special request that comes their way immediately. Customers are at the heart of their business and service standards are designed with convenience in mind. To provide that caliber of support, employees need to coordinate with internal teams and external vendors routinely. Context and regular evaluation of SOPs are critical. With Freshdesk Contact Center supplying a cloud phone solution within the support ecosystem, travel and hospitality companies can focus on what they do best: making their customers happier.

Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) can help you with:

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based phone system, you can:  

Guarantee painless, personalized support

Customers frequently complain about having to repeat their requests to a different agent each time they make a call. With complete interaction history (thanks to the Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshdesk Core integration), an agent who attends a call can view past conversations and call notes, along with the customer’s booking details to provide customized help. Even if the agent has to transfer the call to an airline partner or hotel’s reservations desk, Freshdesk Contact Center’s warm transfer feature allows them to brief the other agent privately before patching the customer through. 



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Make data-driven enhancements to your service strategy

To secure repeat visits from customers and the referral business that they bring, you’ll need to pay attention to the type of customer experience you offer before, during, and after they avail your services. In the context of phone support, that means you need to study the number of abandoned calls, the wait time to reach an agent, and the time spent on hold, among other KPIs. If, for example, customers have to spend over 5 minutes waiting in the queue for flight ticket changes, you may need to add more agents to the team that handles these requests. With customizable reports, service level monitoring, and detailed metrics, Freshdesk Contact Center makes it easy to determine which metrics need improvement and consequently, reorganize your contact center.



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Prioritize accessibility and speedy service

Customers won’t have doubts only within the business hours you’ve published on your website. At 11pm, long after your primary support agents have left for the evening, a customer might need to change their booking. Instead of encouraging a long back-and-forth involving emails, follow-up calls, and a bad review, you can stay accessible without hiring night shift employees in every office. Quickly address the most common questions or direct them to any available agent or team when the assigned agent is unavailable (possible with Smart Escalations and Holiday Routing). If your local team’s shift has ended for the day, you can even direct calls to a team in a different timezone to ensure that customers don’t have to wait until the following morning.

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Freshdesk Contact Center’s (formerly Freshcaller) Capabilities for Hospitality Businesses

Transfers & Conference calls

For callers with multiple queries, each handled by a different department, use warm transfer or conference capabilities to loop in the right support agents. 

Holiday Routing 

Add calendar holidays and build workflows to tackle incoming calls even when your primary support team is out of office.

Queue callback

 Allow customers to secure their place in a virtual queue and end the call, instead of waiting on the line until the agent is free to take their call.

SIP connections

Attend to incoming calls on your existing IP-enabled landlines while using the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard for transfers, notes, and other in-call functions.

Multi-entry IVRs

Route callers to the right agents and teams based on a single keypress action and include self-service options in the menu as well.

Reports and metrics

Monitor incoming call volume to different numbers/groups and agent availability to plan staffing and business hours for each team. 

Read more about Freshdesk Contact Center’s feature suite here. Check our features page. 

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