Key benefits of the Freshdesk Contact Center-Pipedrive call integration


Have smarter conversations

Access relevant contact information from your Freshdesk Contact Center screen. Close deals faster with the Pipedrive pop-up that delivers key details like contact name, deals history, and customer status. Pull up deal details on your Freshdesk Contact Center screen even before answering the call to have smart and contextual conversations.

Experience a seamless workflow with Freshdesk Contact Center Pipedrive integration


Experience a seamless workflow

Create new deals and contacts with a single click. Update call notes, call duration, and other relevant call details from within the Freshdesk Contact Center screen. With the Freshdesk Contact Center-Pipedrive integration, view customer details right where you need it - on your Freshdesk Contact Center screen. 

Experience a seamless workflow with Freshdesk Contact Center Pipedrive integration


Be more productive 

Eliminate the need to switch between tabs to log call details. Use the click-to-call functionality within Pipedrive to reach out to customers right away. Freshdesk Contact Center automatically logs all call details, so there’s no need to manually update call information.

Be more productive with Freshdesk Contact Center Pipedrive phone integration

Get started with Freshdesk Contact Center for Pipedrive

Sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center to integrate your Pipedrive account. From the apps featured in the Apps section, you can head over to Pipedrive and proceed with the installation. You will be prompted to provide your Pipedrive URL, and API token. Once done, you can simply click on install to complete the installation. 

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to access customer details from within the widget. Place outbound calls from Pipedrive using the click-to-call functionality available with Freshdesk Contact Center. 

Get started with Freshdesk Contact Center for Pipedrive

What’s in store with the Freshdesk Contact Center-Pipedrive integration

Call Tagging

Tag calls with labels to categorize them. Enable your team to quickly get an overview of the call without going through call notes or accessing call metrics. 

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Call Notes

Take notes when you’re on the call and transfer them to provide context to your teammates. No more need to switch tabs to make sense of a conversation.

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Call Masking

Mask your business phone number with a personal number to make conversations personal. Establish a local presence while being international.

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Call Recording

Use call recordings to monitor and improve team performance, understand caller history by accessing call recording.
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Call Routing

Route calls to the right teams with an efficient routing system in place. Assign each number in your account to a particular queue and route calls based on intent.

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Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another agent, expert, team, or partner to facilitate quick resolutions. Provide personalized customer support with warm transfer.

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