The key benefits of our Salesforce phone integration 

Equip your sales force with complete context 

To have great conversations, your sales team needs to have contextual information such as previous conversations, deal details etc. With Freshcaller’s Salesforce phone integration, your sales teams will spend less time searching for information and more time closing deals!   

  • Contact sync with Salesforce and incoming call notification with customer details 
  • Details such as name, deal and deal size and recent activity is available on screen 
  • No more switching tabs to view caller information


Salesforce telephony integration


Maximize your team’s productivity 

With Freshcaller’s Salesforce phone integration, your team will have all the right tools at their fingertips to greatly increase their productivity and efficiency. Your teams will be able to get more done in less time! 

  • All calls made and received through the Freshcaller app is automatically logged as tasks in Salesforce 
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry — essential details like call duration, type of call and timestamp is automatically added when a task is created 
  • Utilize Freshcaller’s click to call to directly dial numbers without having to copy-paste them
Salesforce telephony integration

Experience a powerful phone system integration

Freshcaller offers a complete on the cloud Salesforce CTI solution. Freshcaller operates on the cloud giving your teams great flexibility and access to powerful features. 

  • Freshcaller offers an intuitive interface and a low learning curve. Bring your team and start calling in hours. 

  • Provide flexibility to your teams to make and take calls on the go with the Freshcaller mobile app 

  • Experience best in class supervisor capabilities with access to performance reports and ability to monitor live calls.

Salesforce phone integration

Phone integration for Sales and Service Cloud

Phone integration for Sales Cloud

Integrate Freshcaller with Sales Cloud to make and take calls seamlessly from within your CRM. For every call that you handle, a task is automatically logged in your Sales Cloud account. Your contacts are also synced and lead details such as contact name, deal size, status etc will be displayed when you receive a call. Freshcaller’s Sales Cloud integration, helps your team save time and sell faster!

phone integration for sales cloud

Phone integration for Service Cloud

With the Freshcaller phone integration, you can make and receive calls from within your Salesforce Service Cloud without having to switch tabs! When a call arrives in Freshcaller, details of the contact stored in Salesforce is displayed, in addition you can also create new cases and add to existing cases right from within your Freshcaller interface. Use Freshcaller’s Service Cloud integration to boost your team’s productivity and serve your customers better!

Telephony integration for Salesforce service cloud

How to set up Salesforce CTI with Freshcaller

To be able to set up the Salesforce phone integration, you are required to have an active Salesforce license and admin privileges for the Salesforce account in which you wish to integrate Freshcaller. Once you have signed up for Freshcaller, you can integrate the Salesforce app from our marketplace and follow the instructions given in our installation guide here. To be able to use Freshcaller within your Salesforce account, you are required to download the managed package of Freshcaller and install it within your Salesforce account. You can find all the necessary information in our installation guide linked above. 

Salesforce telephony integration

Make the most out of your Salesforce phone integration:

Call Masking

Mask your business number with your personal phone number to provide a personal touch while calling prospects.

Learn more about Call Masking

Voicemail Drop

Automate the time-consuming activity of leaving voicemail messages.


Call Tagging

Categorize and label the outcome of each call with call tags. Choose from a list of default tags or create your own custom tags.

Call Recording

Use call recordings for monitoring and training purposes, find out what went right or wrong on calls using call recordings.
Learn more about Call Recording


Click to call 

Save time copying and pasting numbers with our Click to call browser extension, simply click a number to place a call. 

Learn more about Click to Call

Call Analytics

Analyze trends and gather insight into the performance of your phone teams. Utilize our pre-built reports or create custom reports of your choice.

Learn more about Call Analytics

FAQs on Freshcaller's Salesforce integration

Does the Salesforce phone integration work for sales and service cloud?

Yes, Freshcaller’s integration works with both Salesforce Sales and Service cloud.

How does the Freshcaller CTI work within Salesforce?

Once you have configured Freshcaller as an App within your Salesforce account. The Freshcaller widget would appear and you will be able to place calls using the Freshcaller widget. For all calls that you handle, inbound or outbound, a corresponding task would be created with all essential details within your Salesforce account.

Can I view Salesforce contact information within Freshcaller?

If a contact exists in Salesforce, anytime an incoming call notification arrives the contact name and status would be displayed. Once the call is connected, the deal details, deal size and all recent activity would also be displayed.