Why you need a WooCommerce phone integration

DIY quick and easy integration

It’s incredibly easy to install your Freshdesk Contact Center - WooCommerce integration. You require zero technical knowledge to integrate your WooCommerce account with the Freshdesk Contact Center phone system. 

It’s a simple three-step process:

  • Install the WooCommerce app into your Freshdesk Contact Center account. 
  • Input your WooCommerce account details.
  • Congrats! You have now integrated your accounts successfully!







easy to set up woocommerce integration easy to set up woocommerce integration

Bring context to your phone calls

To resolve customer issues quickly, you need their order details at your fingertips. Freshdesk Contact Center’s WooCommerce integration gives you all the details you need right on your screen.

  • No more switching tabs or searching for information while on a call with customers. 
  • View previous and current order details of customers while on a call.
  • Cancel or Refund orders from within Freshdesk Contact Center.



Woocommerce contextual conversations Woocommerce contextual conversations


Boost your eCommerce sales with the right phone system

There is no better way to connect with your customers than a phone call. Freshdesk Contact Center is an out of the box phone system that you and your team can set up and start using in hours.

  • Add your team and start calling in hours with Freshdesk Contact Center’s refreshing and intuitive user interface.
  • Buy phone numbers in 90+ countries, choose from a list of local, toll-free, and vanity numbers.
  • Experience powerful call routing capabilities. You won’t miss another call anymore!



Boost eCommerce sales with Woocommerce integration Boost eCommerce sales with Woocommerce integration

Why Freshdesk Contact Center for eCommerce businesses 

Most customers dread calling eCommerce businesses due to long wait times, endless IVR menu options, or lack of agent availability. Freshdesk Contact Center is packed with features and tailor-made for eCommerce businesses so that you can provide the very best phone experience to your customers. 

Benefits of using Freshdesk Contact Center for eCommerce businesses: 

Enable contextual call transfers: Freshdesk Contact Center offers warm transfer capability that lets agents speak to their team members and bring them up to speed before transferring the call. With contextual transfers, your customers don’t have to repeat their queries to multiple agents.

Solve issues in the shortest time possible: Order history and current orders of customers present in your WooCommerce account are displayed while on a call for quick reference. Representatives can easily cancel or even refund orders while on call without searching for information or switching tabs.

Be there for your customers 24x7: Unlike a physical shopping experience, eCommerce customers may shop at any time of the day. However, as a business, you may not be available 24x7. Through smart escalations, Freshdesk Contact Center offers multiple fallback options to ensure you don’t miss any calls at any time of the day or even during holidays.

WooCommerce phone integration: Simple yet powerful capabilities

Call Recording

Use call recordings for monitoring and training purposes, find out what went right or wrong on calls using call recordings.
Explore Call Recording


Holiday Routing

Never miss a phone call even during holidays, set up your holiday calendar and choose from flexible routing options. 

Explore Holiday Routing

Call Notes

Take notes after every call, these notes can also be viewed by your entire team for quick reference. 

Explore Call Notes

Business Hours

Create working hours for your team and route after hour business calls to voicemail or even to your mobile phone.

Explore Business Hours


Create an Interactive Voice Response(IVR) menu in minutes. Streamline and send your calls to the right department. 

Explore IVR

Queue Callback (Virtual Hold)

Don’t keep your customers waiting in queue, give them the choice to end the call and opt for a callback.

Explore Queue Callback