Key Benefits of Zoho CRM phone integration

Improve your Sales team’s productivity! 

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s Zoho CRM phone integration, your reps no longer need to juggle between their CRM and Phone system to make calls and view contact information. They won’t spend their valuable time switching tabs anymore. 

  • Contact information from Zoho CRM is automatically synced into Freshdesk Contact Center 
  • Create leads from within Freshdesk Contact Center and it’ll be reflected in your CRM
  • View lead details and related lead records without having to switch tabs while on a call 


Zoho CRM phone integration


All the information you need at your fingertips 

It is important for your phone teams to have access to a customer’s conversation history so that they have complete context of previous interactions. Freshdesk Contact Center equips each rep with all the information they require.  

  • Listen to previous call recordings and configure call recording as per your compliance requirements 

  • Take detailed notes after each conversation. Notes are appended to the customer’s conversation history 

  • Utilize call disposition codes to tag calls and provide visibility to your entire team

Zoho CRM telephony


Experience a powerful phone system integration

Phone is an important channel to engage customers and to show that you really care about them. Freshdesk Contact Center is the perfect Zoho CRM phone integration. Freshdesk Contact Center operates on the cloud giving your teams great flexibility and access to powerful features. 

  • Freshdesk Contact Center offers an intuitive interface and low learning curve. Bring your team and start calling in hours. 

  • Provide flexibility to your teams to make and take calls on the go with the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app 

  • Experience best in class supervisor capabilities with access to performance reports and ability to monitor live calls.

Powerful phone system for Zoho CRM

How to integrate Zoho CRM with Freshdesk Contact Center? 

Freshdesk Contact Center offers an easy way to integrate your Zoho CRM account. Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, you will have access to many apps featured in the marketplace. Simply choose Zoho CRM and click install. You will have to provide details about your Zoho CRM data center and give access to Freshdesk Contact Center from your Zoho account so that your contacts can be synced seamlessly. You can visit our marketplace page for complete instructions on how to integrate Zoho CRM with Freshdesk Contact Center.

Zoho CRM phone integration

Make the most out of your Zoho CRM phone integration

Call Masking

Mask your business number with your personal phone number to provide a personal touch while calling prospects.

Learn more about Call Masking

Voicemail Drop

Automate the time-consuming activity of leaving voicemail messages.


Call Tagging

Categorize and label the outcome of each call with call tags. Choose from a list of default tags or create your own custom tags. 
Learn more about Call Tags

Call Recording

Use call recordings for monitoring and training purposes, find out what went right or wrong on calls using call recordings.
Learn more about Call Recording


Click to call 

Save time copying and pasting numbers with our Click to call browser extension, simply click a number to place a call. 

Learn more about Click to Call

Call Analytics

Analyze trends and gather insight into the performance of your phone teams. Utilize our pre-built reports or create custom reports of your choice.

Learn more about Call Analytics