Why did Thousandcalls per Week start using IVR?

Thousandcalls per Week Inc, a small but growing organization, had a particular problem with their business call center software. When the number of calls increased, the call center team became less effective than before. Customers complained about time wasted in call transfers while the agents could not accommodate more customers. Soon the mood became dark and they sought help. Needless to say, Freshcaller received the SOS and rescued Thousandcalls per Week by using the Interactive Voice Response or IVR rescue boat.

Running a call center

Like any business, Thousandcalls per Week had goals and the biggest of them was to be called Thousandcalls per Day. They chose phone calls as the measure of success because phones were a more intimate channel than a chat window or an e-mail. More calls meant more conversations and that lead to better revenues. However, they were helpless as their phone systems could not keep up with their growth. The CEO observed that big organizations were effectively managing their inbound calls and requested Freshcaller to help them scale seamlessly. 

Interactive Voice Response Systems

IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is the backbone of the inbound phone systems of major organizations. People make a phone call when they need to talk to you on issues that cannot wait. IVR system helps your callers, self-service their way to the right agents depending on their needs. It is as simple as asking your callers to make a key-press depending on their needs and they would be directed to the right agent or team. It ensures call distribution depending on the caller’s needs and performs the task of a receptionist to perfection. We advised Thousandcalls per Week to use IVR as the base for handling incoming calls and created a call flow that worked for them.

Before & after setting up IVR to handle incoming calls

Before & after setting up IVR to handle incoming calls

That is the story of why Thousandcalls per Week started using an IVR system. They had to do something to reduce the needless call transfer time. Every minuted saved helped in accommodating more customers using the same number of agents. And so they ran the call center happily ever after. Thankfully, there never really is a happily ever after to innovation and growth. We have unlimited tales to share with you all in memorable times to come.

If you want to figure out how to set-up your business call center, or improve your team’s efficiency, leave a comment below or sign up for an effective IVR system. We are always on the lookout for our next partner-friend to kick-start yet another journey.

P.S – The agents spend a minute on average to complete the transfer and call typically lasts 5 minutes on an average. Data shared willingly with permission from Thousandcalls per Week Inc.

Illustrations by Karthikeyan Ganesh