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Call center app to connect with convenience

Agents can make and receive calls, create and transfer notes, access call logs, and call summary - all these with the convenience of the call center app while on the go. With the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app for Android and iOS, your agents don’t have to be tied down to a desk anymore to attend to customers. 

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) - the phone system in your pocket


Enable agents to manage calls while on-the-go

No more need to worry about missing out on customer calls when your agents are not at their desk. With the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app, agents can make/receive calls from their Android/iOS devices, no matter where they are or what the time is. Building happy experiences has never been easier.

Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app incoming call


Improve collaboration with teammates

Your agents can add and transfer notes while on the call, choose the number from which the call has to be made, and create tickets from within the app to log call details. give context. They can collaborate with teammates even with their mobile phones or tablets to create ‘WOW’ moments for your customers. 



Enhance productivity with mobile shortcuts

Agents can set their availability to receive calls during work hours. With the call logs section, they can quickly access call details and place a call if needed. They can access and play call recordings and look at call summary to go back and check details associated with the call.

Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app call recording

Call center app features — What’s in ‘store’ for you?

Log call details to Helpdesk

With an active Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshdesk Core integration, agents can save calls as tickets to be dealt with later. And once saved, they can access it from the web too.

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Win deals with great pitches

With the Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshworks CRM integration, your team can use the mobile app to dial and link conversations with notes and recordings to the leads.
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Make use of call shortcuts

Agents have the flexibility of muting, putting the call on hold or turning the speaker on — whatever suits best to give the customer a clean support experience.

Stay alert with call notifications

With the call notifications feature, your agents have the choice of attending to the most important call, even when multiple calls come in at the same time.

Automatically record calls

All calls made and received from Freshdesk Contact Center gets automatically recorded if recording is enabled on your Freshdesk Contact Center web account.

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Transfer calls

Agents can transfer calls to facilitate quick resolutions and to give the full context of the conversation, all these even with the mobile app.

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