What is an Outbound Contact Center?

An outbound contact center is where the agents make outbound calls to customers on behalf of their business. Typically, calls made from the contact center focus on sales and marketing, such as lead generation, market research, customer surveys, etc., and so on. 

Any sales call you receive from an agent will be from an outbound contact center. An outbound contact center solution is only helpful if the right metrics, such as call abandonment rate, average hold time, etc., are measured repeatedly.  Doing so will improve the customer experience, thus positively impacting the business' retention rates and reputation.  

Outbound contact center Outbound contact center

How does an Outbound Contact Center impact Business Growth?

Outbound contact centers are designed to support businesses actively engaging with their prospects and customers to boost sales. 

Agents who work in an outbound contact center connect with leads through different communication channels. The outbound process starts when the business reaches out to customers rather than waiting for the buyers to contact an agent (like chatting with a live bot/agent through a business website).

Importance of measuring outbound call center metrics

How your customers feel about their interactions with your agents is critical to business growth. By choosing an outbound call center solution that supports and elevates your customer experience, you can build long-lasting relationships through any mode of interaction. Here are the top metrics that should be measured by every contact center to build a successful business model. 

How your customers feel about their interactions with your agents is critical to business growth. By choosing an outbound call center solution that supports and elevates your customer experience, you can build long-lasting relationships through any mode of interaction.


Benefits of an Outbound Contact Center

More and more businesses are using outbound calling to render dependable support to customers. These companies are either building on their existing inbound contact center capabilities or starting with a blended model where agents can take incoming calls and make outgoing calls.

If you're looking to include an outbound contact center solution in your business plan, you're en route to unfastening a robust model of service. Let's now discuss why outbound contact center services are effective for business growth and how you can use them to delight customers.

Optimized Lead Generation

Making outbound calls to prospective customers allows agents to speak directly about a service or product. By using outreach campaigns, companies can qualify potential leads at a much higher rate than average marketing tactics. When sales units connect with qualified leads, the conversion % will be higher.

Welcoming new customers

Outbound contact centers aid agents to connect with their customers as soon as they come on board, inquire about their experience, and check where they need extra support. This gives your business a chance to answer any customers' questions and resolve them then and there.

Proactive customer service 

By integrating your business CRM with your outbound contact center, you can efficiently compile call lists and then trigger your dialer to place those calls. By doing this, you will address your customer's pain points during their product journey, thus reducing your incoming call volume.

Collecting customer feedback

Outbound calls can be used to collect surveys and feedback. Customers don't find them too invasive, unlike the hardball sales calls. Your contact center will meet customers' expectations using the feedback from the survey while empowering your agents to deliver more human experiences.

A competitive advantage

Most sales teams do not take the time to conduct market research on what their customers want and focus majorly on cold calling. Using a dedicated outbound contact center will let you have the competitive advantage of qualifying your leads better, since agents can connect with customers to understand what type of service they wish to avail.

Monitoring and reporting

Every business leader needs to know how well the contact center operations are running. Whether the CSAT scores are above par, the agents are meeting their committed SLA's — outbound contact centers can give insightful performance monitoring and reporting features.


Inbound vs outbound

What is the difference between an Outbound and Inbound Contact Center?

Inbound and outbound contact centers are effectively opposites. Inbound contact centers receive calls, while outbound contact centers make calls to generate sales or maintain good relationships with existing customers. The objectives of the two contact centers widely differ.

Inbound Contact Center

Inbound contact centers typically address customer concerns to build loyalty and retain shoppers. 

Working of an Inbound Contact Center:

Outbound Contact Center

Outbound contact centers are where agents directly call the potential customers to generate leads.

Working of an Outbound Contact Center:


Key features

What are the Key Features of Outbound Contact Center services?

Contact import

The ability to upload all your existing contacts database as a CSV or spreadsheet for quick dialing. It eliminates the need to copy-paste or switch from one screen to another to make calls.

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Customer interaction history

It gives a quick overview of all the past conversations other agents have had with the customer. It also offers a view of special requests from customers, thus providing a 360° outlook. 

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Phone number masking

Phone number masking lets you make your outgoing call appear as if it is originating from another number. It is beneficial if your contact center is outsourced and is working remotely.

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Empowers your agents to call straight from the web browser or the phone interface with a single click. It eliminates the need to dial in numbers manually, which usually leads to errors.

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CRM integration

A CRM Integration makes it easy to fetch customer phone numbers from within the CRM, obtain contextual information of previous conversations before placing the call, and manage tasks from a single interface.

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Call recording

Record all conversations between the caller and customer to identify areas of improvement, call script adherence, call quality, etc. Listen to recordings, coach your support agents to serve customers better.

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Advanced reporting

Use the metrics on outbound contact center software to analyze the health of the entire call/contact center. Spot call trends to ideate and launch remedial measures and keep your customer experience unique.

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Call Monitoring

Call monitoring or call listening helps in supervising your phone teams in real-time and maintaining the quality of conversations and resolutions your call center offers.

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Collaborate over conference calls

Utilize a phone conference system to make conference calls to any of your available agents irrespective of location. With conference calling, you can solve your customer’s problem in the very first call. 

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Next steps

Introducing, Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

The outbound contact center you can count on for delivering delightful customer experiences

Freshdesk Contact Center is an Outbound contact center provider. It is built by Freshworks, the makers of Freshdesk and Freshservice. Freshdesk Contact Center can help smoothen your contact center operations and enable your agents to deliver top-notch customer experiences. 

Also, it supports businesses of all scales, including small and medium-scale enterprises to quickly launch and also scale their contact center operations without being slowed down by hardware requirements.


Freshdesk contact center dashboard Freshdesk contact center dashboard

         F.A.Q on Freshdesk Outbound Contact Center

What size and type of businesses can use outbound contact centers?

Every business that needs a cloud phone system can use outbound contact center services. However, certain countries have legal restrictions in using VoIP services. Please write to us at support@freshcaller.com to see if your business domicile qualifies to use VoIP.

Can I keep my old phone number?

Yes. Freshdesk Contact Centre lets you port in or carry forward your existing phone numbers from your legacy phone system, another cloud telephony service, or any other telephony service. Learn more about number porting.

How much does it cost to setup an outbound contact center?

Freshdesk Contact Center’s pricing works in three ways. First, you will have to buy agent licenses. Depending on the plan you choose, the agent license fees will vary. Second, you have to buy phone numbers. You may also port-in phone numbers from your existing system. Third, you have to buy phone credits to be able to make calls. Inbound and outbound call charges will be debited to your phone credits. 

Please visit our agent licensing pricing page and call rates pricing page to get a complete picture of agent license cost and call rates.

What equipment do I need to use outbound contact center services?

The laptop, mobile, tablet, or personal computer that you are already using would suffice. What you need is a device that can connect to the internet will suffice as equipment to use Freshdesk Contact Center’s outbound services. You do not need any extra telephony equipment.

What is the quality of the call like?

By default, the use of VoIP for call transmission ensures that the call quality is superior to analog-based PSTN connections. Ensure that you use a broadband internet connection that doesn’t have speed issues. You do NOT need a dedicated internet connection for high-quality calls.

Is a cloud-based phone system secure?

Yes. Freshdesk Contact Center in specific is a GDPR compliant VoIP phone system. Specific features like call recording require you as a business to seek consent from the caller before initiating recording. You can find our Freshworks GDPR policy here.