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What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is not attached to a physical telephone line or a SIM card. A virtual phone number is similar to a normal telephone number for all practical purposes but the difference is virtual numbers use the internet to make and receive phone calls.

The key benefits of virtual phone numbers for businesses


Save big on your phone bill

With virtual phone numbers, you can call international at local rates by purchasing local numbers in various countries.  Without a virtual phone number, monthly call charges can burn a hole in your pocket especially if you wish to call internationally. Virtual phone numbers use the internet to make calls and this is much cheaper than ordinary phone calls.








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Create a global presence

With a phone system like Freshdesk Contact Center, you can buy phone numbers in 90+ countries at the click of a button! You can reach customers in any part of the world with a phone number belonging to their country, giving them a personalized experience. 









Utilize a variety of features

A virtual phone number is usually used with a phone system such as Freshdesk Contact Center. Using a virtual phone number you can leverage a number of features that Freshdesk Contact Center has to offer such as smart routing, IVR, voicemail greetings, and more!


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Types of virtual phone numbers in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Toll-free Numbers

Encourage your customers to call your business with a toll-free number. Prospects and customers are more likely to call your business when they know they will not be charged for it.

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Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are great for easy recall and marketing purposes. Imprint your phone number in the minds of people with numbers such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-GREATBIZ.

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International Numbers

The world has become a global village thanks to technology. With international phone numbers, it doesn’t matter where your team is located, you can establish a presence anywhere and stay close to your customers.

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Local Numbers

With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can select local numbers with exact area codes of your choice. Create a connection with your local community with local phone numbers!

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Bring Your Own Carrier(BYOC)

Not satisfied with our number coverage? You can also bring in your own carrier into Freschaller and utilize those virtual numbers.

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Port in your numbers

If you already have an existing number, don’t worry! Freshdesk Contact Center offers number porting facility that helps you retain your old phone number.

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Why choose Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) for virtual phone numbers? 

No one-time or activation charges 

We don’t charge one-time or activation fees for our virtual phone numbers, you only need to pay a monthly phone charge for the numbers you buy in Freshdesk Contact Center. You can buy virtual phone numbers starting from $1 in Freshdesk Contact Center!

Buy as many virtual numbers as you need 

We don’t place a limit on the number of virtual phone numbers you can buy. You can buy as many numbers as you like with any plan of Freshdesk Contact Center.

Wide collection of virtual numbers 

Freshdesk Contact Center offers a wide range of virtual phone numbers for you to choose from. You can buy toll-free, vanity and local numbers from 90+ countries. You also have the flexibility to port your existing numbers or bring your own carrier.

Features related to virtual phone numbers

Call masking

Personalize your customer experience by masking your virtual phone number with your personal number while making a call.

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IVR menu 

Create and link IVR menus to your virtual phone numbers to direct callers to the right department.

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Shared phone lines

A single virtual phone number can be shared by your entire phone team in Freshdesk Contact Center, no more hassle of multiple phone numbers!

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Business hours

Create custom business hours for each of your phone numbers, send after hour calls to voicemail, another team or even to your mobile phone.

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Custom greetings 

Create warm and welcoming greeting messages for your callers and elevate their phone experience.

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Call forwarding 

Forward calls that you receive in your virtual phone number to your mobile and take calls even when you are not in office!

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F.A.Q on Freshdesk Contact Center's (formerly Freshcaller) Virtual Phone Numbers

Can I use multiple virtual phone numbers?

Yes. In Freshdesk Contact Center there is no limit as to how many virtual phone numbers you can buy.

Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes, we offer number porting facility that allows you to port your existing phone number into Freshdesk Contact Center.

How to get a virtual phone number for free?

Be wary of providers who claim to give you a virtual phone number for free, as most of them tend to be scams. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can get a virtual phone number for as low as $1, which is less than the cost of a soda can! 

How to get a virtual phone number in Freshdesk Contact Center?

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, you will be presented with a collection of local and toll-free numbers from various countries. Buying phone numbers in Freshdesk Contact Center is just a matter of choosing your preferred number type and country and pressing the ‘buy’ button.

Are virtual phone numbers real phone numbers?

Yes, Virtual phone numbers behave exactly like normal phone numbers. You can use them to make and take calls just as you would do with a regular phone number, as long as you have a valid internet connection.