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Buy local numbers in 40+ countries

Establish a local presence and win adoration and praise, even if you’re half a world away, with Freshcaller. By buying a local number, you not only help your user base build confidence in your brand as one that cares enough to establish a presence, but you also empower your team to work anywhere, anytime. If you’d prefer to work with your existing numbers, Freshcaller lets you port them into the system as well.

Pay only for the minutes spent on calls

No hardware installation costs. No setup charges. For as low as $1/month, you can buy a local phone number in over 40 countries and get started in less time than it’ll take for your coffee to finish brewing. Freshcaller also allows you the flexibility of displaying your number as outbound caller ID, masking it or hiding it entirely.

Toll-free numbers available in 4 countries

A local number is great when you’re doing all the calling, but not so much when your users have to pay to call you. Buy a toll-free number in the US, UK, Australia or Canada, and let your conversations be on the house!

Call Flows

With Freshcaller, you can set up call flows to route callers, based on availability, to agents and groups most equipped to address the caller’s needs. This includes everything from setting up an auto receptionist to record voicemails outside business hours to providing callback options if call queues are full.