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Mask outgoing calls

Acquire and utilize local phone numbers using Freshcaller to connect with your customers around the globe. With just a click, you can buy phone numbers from countries across the globe and use them to mask your local number. Set up toll-free helplines with standard rates charged for incoming, outgoing and forwarding calls - all without using any third-party service.

Mask your helpline number

Establish yourself as a local presence by buying a local number for that location and using it to mask your helpline number.

Reach customers easily

Customers can contact you easily when they are familiar with local numbers as well as use of toll-free numbers.

Perform secure call masking

Enjoy secure call masking with phone number verification to prevent spamming.

Route calls to the right agent

Automatically distribute incoming calls from purchased numbers to agents logged into the helpdesk depending on their availability.

Buy numbers around the world

Purchase phone numbers for over 40 countries and use them to mask your existing helpline number.