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What is an international phone number?

An international phone number is a phone number that has a particular country code attached to it. For example, a US international phone number will have the country code ‘+1’. Businesses often use international phone numbers to contact customers from different countries, for example, a business headquartered in the US can use an Australian international phone number to support its customers residing in Australia. 

Why your business needs an international phone number


Create a virtual presence anywhere in the world 

International phone numbers allow you to create a presence in that country without having to be physically present there. Using international phone numbers you have a reliable and affordable way to support your customers, or grow your business customers around the globe. 

Create a virtual global presence with Freshdesk Contact Center


Save on international calling charges 

Making international calls is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In contrast to using traditional methods of calls you can save much more by using an international phone number from Freshdesk Contact Center. 

Reduce call charges with international phone number



Build a relationship with your customers

Your customers might hesitate to call your business for support if they see a number belonging to a different country. By using an international phone number belonging to your customer’s region, you establish trust and they are much more likely to call your business. 

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Manage Call Volumes Better

Using a phone system such as Freshdesk Contact Center, helps you handle calls in an efficient manner. You can manage all your numbers from one place, create voicemail greetings, set up IVR menus and do much more! 

Better call management with Freshdesk Contact Center

How to get an international business phone number in 3 steps

Sign up for a trial

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center and add credits to your account, you can purchase local/toll-free numbers from 90+ countries.

Choose your preferred country and prefix

Depending on the country you wish to purchase a number from, you have the option of choosing the type of number - local or toll-free, the state and locality. 

Powerful features for smooth call handling

Utilize Freshdesk Contact Center’s capabilities for a seamless phone experience — Add your team members, set up an IVR menu, create custom voicemail greetings, and more!

Flexible phone number options available in Freshdesk Contact Center

Vanity numbers 

Freshdesk Contact Center offers customizable numbers for brand recognition. Create a unique and memorable business contact number. 

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Toll-Free Numbers 

Buy toll-free numbers from around the world and give your customers a free-of-cost communication channel to reach your business.
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Number Porting 

Keep your existing phone number by porting them into Freshdesk Contact Center. No hassle of changing numbers. 

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FAQs on international phone numbers

What is the format for an international phone number?

An international phone number usually starts with a ‘+’ sign followed by the country code, area code, and phone number. For example, for the number +1 - 415 - 23523XX, +1 is the country code, 415 is the area code and the rest of the digits form the phone number.

How many digits are present in an international phone number?

According to the international standard, a phone number can consist of a maximum of 15 digits including the country and area code. Most mobile phone numbers consist of 10 digits excluding the country code.

Can I buy an international phone number outside my country?

Yes with Freshdesk Contact Center you can buy numbers from around the world. Please note that in order to purchase numbers from certain countries, proof of your business address might be required. You can reach out to us at for any queries regarding number purchase.

How many phone numbers can I own in Freshdesk Contact Center?

With Freshdesk Contact Center you can buy multiple numbers, there is no limit on the number of phone numbers that you can own.