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Buy local phone numbers for your cloud PBX system in 90+ countries

With local phone numbers on Freshcaller, you can establish a call center anywhere in the world and still maintain a local presence for your customers. By buying a local phone number, you are telling your user base that you care enough to establish a local identity while empowering your team to work from anywhere in the world. If you prefer to retain your existing phone numbers, we will help you port your phone numbers into Freshcaller. Freshcaller is your ideal call center solution for all seasons.

Why using local phone numbers is a good idea!

Increase your local presence

Use multiple local phone numbers and expand your business operations to more areas without scaling up your infrastructure.

Cut down on costs

Why incur more charges with only international toll-free phone numbers? Spend less with a local phone number while receiving calls.

Advertise better

Get featured in local directories and business listings. Make your presence felt among local communities in key geographies.

Change customer perception

International phone numbers and outlandish call rates alienate your customers. Local phone numbers make you more approachable.

Make it easy to reach you

Your customers don’t have to spend money, making international calls to talk to you. It is easier and cheaper on local phone numbers.

Mask your number

Use local phone numbers to mask your primary business number. Manage all your calls on one number, attract call traffic over multiple numbers.

How do I buy a phone number from Freshcaller?

On Freshcaller, you can take your pick from a wide range of virtual phone numbers. Purchase and pair them with toll-free phone numbers or vanity phone numbers to set up an optimized call center for your business. Once you sign up, you can buy multiple numbers from a single area code or multiple area codes of your choice. You can also purchase toll-free phone numbers from Freshcaller. On completing the purchase, you can recharge your phone credits to make or receive calls from any number in your Freshcaller account. You can also restrict the access to certain phone numbers as well as have custom hold music unique to every phone number that you own.

Benefits of using Freshcaller cloud PBX for your local phone numbers

Pay only for the actual minutes spent on phone calls

No hardware installation costs. No setup charges. For as low as $1/month, you can buy a local phone number in over 50 countries and get started with your call center in less than five minutes. Freshcaller offers you the flexibility of displaying your number as outbound caller ID or masking it to appear completely local even with your global call center team.

Make or receive calls from any local phone number

You can choose to make or receive calls from any number in your Freshcaller account. You can also restrict the access to certain phone numbers as well as have custom hold music unique to every phone number that you own.

Set up detailed call flows for each number

You can set up multiple IVR, team and individual based greeting texts, voicemails and call queues for every phone number that you own in Freshcaller. Set up unique rules for each phone number regarding automatic call recording as well as business hours based routing. You can set up your entire call center in the time it takes for you to brew your coffee. It is that simple!

FAQs about local phone numbers

How many people can use one phone number on Freshcaller?

There is no limit on the number of people using a phone number. Freshcaller enables you to set up multiple shared lines on the same number. You can sign up for the pricing plan that suits your business the most.

What are the number charges and call charges on Freshcaller?

Local phone numbers start from $1 per month. There are no special charges for vanity numbers. Here is a detailed look at our phone call and phone number rates.

I already have a phone number. Can I use it along with my new Freshcaller number?

Yes, of course. To make things easier, you can even port in your old number to Freshcaller. All you need to do is, drop an email to Our team will take care of all the porting procedures.


Can I use a local phone number as a toll-free phone number?

No, local phone numbers cannot double up as toll-free numbers. They will come with the area code of your choice rather than a prefix like 1-800 or 1-888.