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What is number porting?

Phone number porting or VoIP number porting is the process through which you can transfer your existing phone number to another carrier. It lets you switch your carrier while retaining your old business phone numbers. This means you can skip the hassle of updating your site with the new contact numbers and notifying your clients.

Why port your existing business phone numbers to Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Offers better functionality

By switching to Freshdesk Contact Center, you get access to powerful functionality like routing capabilities, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voicemail transcription, intuitive call transfers, and much more. Freshdesk Contact Center enables quick and hassle-free porting, so you can retain your phone number and leverage our features to upgrade your business communication. 

Freshdesk Contact Center functionality

Provides uninterrupted service

Freshdesk Contact Center offers seamless porting, and you can continue communicating with your customers and partners without any service disruptions. We ensure that you do not experience any downtime during the porting process, and you can continue using your number as usual. Alternatively, you can also purchase a temporary number from Frehscaller and set up call forwarding to communicate with your clients. 

Uninterrupted service

Gives value for money

Port your numbers into Freshdesk Contact Center without any additional charges. You can port numbers from the United States free of cost and from other countries at a minimal price. Freshdesk Contact Center offers international numbers in 90+ countries, as well as local and toll-free numbers. By porting your numbers into Freshdesk Contact Center, you don’t have to bear the additional cost of having to update your contact information across your channels.

Freshdesk Contact Center value for money

How to port your phone number into Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can shift your old number to your new system with ease. You can port phone numbers from regular phone service providers as well as your existing Twilio, Google Voice, and Skype accounts in a seamless manner. Sign up now to start a trial and port your numbers to start making calls in a breeze. You can also purchase vanity, local and toll-free numbers to expand your business presence across different regions. 

Choose your new carrier

Reach out to the carrier that you want to port to, and get to know the must-haves before starting with the porting process. Some carriers may charge a porting fee, but with Freshdesk Contact Center, you can port numbers in the USA free of cost.

Notify your existing carrier

Notify your existing carrier to approve your number for ‘release’ so that you can start using it with your new carrier. Porting a business phone number generally takes 1-2 weeks, and you can start using your number with Freshdesk Contact Center by the end of that period. 

Obtain LOA and port numbers

Your existing carrier will verify your request for authenticity, and the Letter of Authorization (LOA) needs to have the correct information for verification. Once the verification is complete, Freshdesk Contact Center will begin the porting process. Until the number is active with your new carrier, your phone service with your existing carrier will continue uninterrupted.

Advanced Number Management with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Use your existing number provided by another carrier without losing the functional benefits of Freshdesk Contact Center. With BYOC, you can retain your existing number and pricing benefits provided by the external carrier, while also getting access to Freshdesk Contact Center functionalities. 

Explore BYOC

Buy local and toll-free numbers

Purchase or port phone numbers with Freshdesk Contact Center from over 90+ countries. Have a local presence while being a global company with local phone numbers. Enable customers to register their inquiries and complaints for free with toll-free numbers. 

Explore phone numbers

Mask your calls

Mask your phone number with an alternate number when making calls to make the conversation personal. Get the benefits of a local presence by buying a local number for a particular location and use it to mask your helpline number. 

Explore call masking

FAQs on porting numbers into Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

How much does it cost to port a phone number?

Most carriers do not charge a fee for porting your numbers. Freshdesk Contact Center offers free porting for numbers in the USA and porting at a small fee for other countries. You can refer to this for more details on the same.

What documents are required to port existing phone numbers into Freshdesk Contact Center?

These are the documents required for porting your business phone number:

  • Authorized user's full name

  • Phone numbers to be ported 

  • Service address

  • Signed Letter of Authorization (LOA)

  • Scanned or electronic copy of the most recent phone bill.

Does Freshdesk Contact Center support porting for all types of numbers?

Yes, you can port any type of business phone number into Freshdesk Contact Center. Freshdesk Contact Center supports porting of local, international, and toll-free numbers.  

How long does it take to port phone numbers?

On average, porting business phone numbers takes 7-10 days to complete; however, they can take up to 28 days in rare cases. We will keep you updated if any constraints slow down the process of porting your phone numbers. 

How to handle calls while porting the current phone numbers?

You will not face any disruptions when porting your number. Additionally, you can purchase a temporary phone number through Freshdesk Contact Center and set up call forwarding from your current number to ensure service continuity. Once the porting is complete, you can discard the temporary phone number and use your original business number.

Under what conditions can I port my business phone number?

You can port your phone numbers to any carrier as long as you stay within the same geographical limit. The country and the area you reside in determine what phone number and area code you get when purchasing a new phone number. So when switching your carrier, you must ensure to stay within those limits.