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Port numbers into your new cloud PBX system

When you’re switching your call center management software, the first casualty is almost always your existing phone numbers. A new cloud PBX system means new phone numbers, a notification to customers informing them of the change and months of handover where you hang onto your old number so that everyone’s up to speed.

With Freshcaller, you can shift your old number to your new system with ease. You can port phone numbers from regular phone service providers as well as your existing Twilio, Google Voice, and Skype accounts in a seamless manner.

Frequent number porting queries

What documents are required to port existing phone numbers into Freshcaller?

Authorized user's full name, phone numbers to be ported, service address, signed Letter of Authorization (LOA), and a scanned or electronic copy of the most recent phone bill.

How long does it take to port phone numbers?

The porting process takes a maximum time of 28 business days. We will keep you updated if any additional contraints slow the porting of your phone numbers.

How to handle calls while porting the current phone numbers?

Purchase a temporary phone number through Freshcaller and set up call forwarding from your current number. Once the porting is complete, you can discard the temporary phone number and use your original business number.