Benefits of using a remote and work from home phone system


Experience flexibility with a mobile app

Distractions are inevitable while working from home or remotely and it might not be possible for you to be in front of your laptop at all times. Having to rush to your workspace for making and taking calls can be inconvenient.  Download the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app for Android and iOS and break-free from your workspace. Freshdesk Contact Center is also tightly integrated with our inhouse CRM and Helpdesk which allows you to link calls to tickets or leads from within the mobile app.





Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app | Work from home phone Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app | Work from home phone


Stay on top of your team’s performance

Many supervisors worry that their team’s productivity may go for a toss with work from home or remote work. Their worries are warranted as there can be little to no visibility when your team works remotely. With Freshdesk Contact Center’s best in class supervisor controls, managers will be able to monitor their phone team’s performance irrespective of where they are located or where their team is located. Managers can pull-up custom reports on agent productivity, monitor ongoing calls, and even barge into calls in real-time. Freshdesk Contact Center lets you manage your team with ease even while working remotely.



Team performance report | Work from home phone Team performance report | Work from home phone


Route your calls effectively with intelligent routing options

If your business operates across various timezones, it can be tricky routing calls to the right team. This can become even more difficult if your team is distributed. With Freshdesk Contact Center’s advanced routing capabilities, you can control calls and define the path of your incoming calls and route them to the correct team. You can configure business hours for each of your teams and even plan your holidays. Additionally, you can utilize our AI-powered voice bot to deflect frequently asked queries to reduce the load on your agents.




Call routing for remote team | Work from home phone Call routing for remote team | Work from home phone


Provide context and collaborate across teams

Lack of collaboration and context is a common problem when teams work remotely. Using Freshdesk Contact Center’s call transfer capability you can assign calls with context. Call conferencing allows you to rope in another team member to collaborate on the same call. Using the call notes capability, you can take detailed notes for every call which would be appended to the caller’s history thus offering contextual visibility to other team members. Freshdesk Contact Center’s integrations also ensure that your call information flows into your CRM and Helpdesk. 

Call transfer | Work from home phone Call transfer | Work from home phone

 Freshdesk Contact Center capabilities (formerly Freshcaller) for remote work

Business hours routing 

Set up office-like business hours even when your team is working from home. You can also decide what to do with calls that arrive outside business hours.  

Explore business hours routing

Holiday routing 

Stay worry-free during holidays, create a holiday calendar, and inform your callers regarding the status of your business.

Explore holiday routing 


Use Freshdesk Contact Center’s AI-powered voicebot and be there for your customers 24x7. Deflect FAQs and take the load off your agents. 

Explore voicebot

Call transfer

Your teammates can speak to each other before transferring the call to ensure there is complete context. 

Explore call transfer

Call conferencing

Bring in another teammate into the conversation for faster problem solving irrespective of where they may be located.

Explore call conferencing

Reporting and analytics 

Stay on top of your phone team’s performance even if they are working remotely. Pull up customer reports and monitor your service levels.

Explore reporting 

Mobile app 

Breakfree from your desk using the Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app. Make and take calls, play call recordings, type call notes on the go.

Explore mobile app

Call monitoring and barging 

Monitor your remote team with ease, view ongoing conversations, and barge into calls in real-time to coach your agents and reps. 

Explore call monitoring


Boost your productivity by integrating with your favorite business tools. No more switching between multiple tabs.

Helpdesk Integration

CRM Integration

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

How to use Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) for your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Business continuity in times of the pandemic and mandatory remote work has become the new normal. The first and most obvious challenge to this change in business routine is disjointed communication. However, communication during these times is essential and absolutely critical too. Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based phone system has many capabilities that can be leveraged for your BCP and ensure that your communication remains as seamless as ever.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Let customers know the status of your business and point them to useful resources using a customized IVR message. Custom messages can be set up in minutes in Freshdesk Contact Center. Learn more about IVR

Fallback Options

There are several fallback options that you can configure in Freshdesk Contact Center to ensure you don’t miss a single call. Configuring these do not require any technical help. Learn more about Fallback Options

Queue Callback

Your wait queues could be overflowing with many customers calling your business number. You can give your callers the choice to opt for a call back instead of waiting in queue indefinitely. Learn more about Queue Callback

Call Recording

Freshdesk Contact Center offers many call recording options so that you can stay compliant with legal guidelines. Analyze conversations and share best practices with your team using call recordings. Learn more about Call Recording


You can train Freshdesk Contact Center’s AI-powered voicebot with Frequently asked queries. You can deflect basic customer queries and save your agent’s time and energy for queries that are more complex and require human help. Learn more about Voicebots

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