What you can do with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Simplify number and call management 

Managing all the numbers you own across global offices and teams need not involve considerable effort from your IT team or contracts with several network providers. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can easily purchase local numbers in 90+ countries and monitor usage from the convenience of a single account.  The live dashboard will also give you a clear view of ongoing calls, the reps conducting them, and the duration of each call.  





simplify call management with real time dashboard


Adapt your sales strategy to optimize conversion

Use call recordings, call notes, and consolidated interaction data (for example, responses to email campaigns) with the Freshsales integration to train sales reps and modify your company’s outreach campaigns for maximum effectiveness. With complete context about a prospect, your reps can build on the previous interactions without redundancies. 




optimize conversion with cloud based phone system

Minimize busywork to drive sales

Free your sales reps from logging calls and navigating multiple tools so that they can spend more time selling. If prospects ask technical questions, your sales reps can easily transfer calls to support agents on Freshdesk Contact Center without directing the call outside the Freshsales CRM. Additionally, calls on Freshdesk Contact Center can be added to new leads or attached to existing leads within your Freshsales account

minimize work with freshcaller advanced features

Improve sales conversation with:

Call Masking

Give your calls a personal touch by masking your business number with your personal number. 

Multiple Numbers

Provide your reps with numbers in each country they’re targeting to give credibility to their calls. 

Voicemail Drop

Add a pre-recorded message at the click of a button to the voicemail inbox of a prospect who couldn’t attend the call.

Monitoring & barging

Listen to an ongoing conversation and join the call to provide hands-on assistance to a rep struggling to close the deal.

Mobile app

Give your reps the ability to sell from any location their work takes them, with the Freshdesk Contact Center app they can make and take calls and create leads on the go. 

Integration Actions 

Create a lead or append a call to an existing lead with the Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshsales integration. Ensure that every call is logged within your CRM account.

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