What you can do with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Operate from anywhere with centralized management

Different organizations structure their support teams differently. Whether your agents are located in one office for global operations, distributed in different hubs, or working remotely,  the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard can manage your multiple numbers and workflows easily. Using Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) capabilities or international numbers in 90+ countries, supervisors can manage numbers in one HQ even if agents are based in other countries. Agents can work on any device using Freshdesk Contact Center’s browser and mobile app (iOS & Android).



Operate from anywhere with centralized management Operate from anywhere with centralized management


Simplify collaboration to resolve issues efficiently

When faced with increasingly complex customer problems, even the most experienced agents need advice from their peers or other experts within the organization. Having the right collaboration tools becomes critical, because siloed conversations delay resolution time for customers. Freshdesk Contact Center makes it easy for agents to leave notes for collaborators, privately brief fellow agents before they transfer a call, and loop in the right reps from any team for a conference call. Additionally, supervisors can seamlessly join ongoing conversations and take over for agents when the need arises.



Simplify/ streamline collaboration Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) Support Simplify/ streamline collaboration Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) Support

Enable speedy service and reduce call abandonment

Freshdesk Contact Center’s modern phone system is already integrated with the Freshdesk ticketing system, making an agent’s workflow infinitely easier. This means that agents can quickly access a customer’s conversation history, make and receive calls, and create tickets within one platform. Additionally, Freshdesk Contact Center's advanced routing engine (composed of IVRs, smart escalations, holiday and omni-channel routing) ensures that each caller is directed to the right agent in the shortest possible time.



Enable speedy service and reduce frustration/ call abandonment Enable speedy service and reduce frustration/ call abandonment

Build a better customer experience

While your agents focus on solving complex problems and providing the best possible support, you can review the distribution of missed calls, the windows/days/periods with the highest call volume, and the amount of time customers spend waiting to get answers to their queries. With customizable reports, service-level monitoring, and detailed metrics, you can easily discern which parts of your call center are performing exceptionally and which teams or numbers could benefit from a different strategy.

Build a better customer experience Build a better customer experience

Improve team performance and customer satisfaction with:

Automated ticket creation

The Freshdesk integration automatically converts every missed call/voicemail to a ticket so that you don't miss out on calls or voicemails. 

Transfers & Conference calls

Some customer queries may involve multiple teams/agents, use warm transfer or conference capabilities to loop in the right support agents. 

Holiday routing 

Add calendar holidays and build workflows to tackle incoming calls even when your primary support team is out of office.

Multi-entry IVRs

Route callers to the right agents and teams based on a single keypress action and include self-service options in the menu as well.

Call recordings

Use Freshdesk Contact Center’s dashboard to record calls for training and/or data logs while adhering to regulatory requirements. 

Queue callback

 Allow customers to secure their place in a virtual queue and end the call, instead of waiting on the line until the agent is free to take their call.

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