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From managing virtual call centers to providing a seamless phone experience to callers, Freshdesk Contact Center customers talk about the benefits of using the right call center software.

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We’ve got you covered even after you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center. Check out our detailed product tours to get to know your call center better.

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Getting started with Freshdesk Contact Center — An Admin’s Guide

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Getting started with Freshdesk Contact Center inside Freshdesk — An Agent’s Guide



Is your call center software the right fit for your small business? Find out from our list of comparisons and alternatives, decide for yourself.


It doesn’t hurt to have ready-to-use checklists to run you through the hows and whys of setting up and running a call center on the cloud.

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Freshdesk Contact Center is pretty easy to set up and use. Even so, here are some step-by-step user guides for all possible contingencies.


Do you want to extract the best performance from your phone system? Check out these ebooks.



Expand your knowledge on phone systems with these information-packed whitepapers.


Stay informed about Freshdesk Contact Center updates, learn to optimize your call center setup, and discover how phone support can work in tandem with other channels to raise the calibre of your customer’s experience.