What is a Virtual PBX?

A Virtual PBX is an internet-based PBX system. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Unlike a normal PBX which is hosted on-premises and handled manually, a virtual PBX is hosted on the cloud. An Internet connection, a suitable call center software and a web app are used to create the network infrastructure.

Virtual PBX can be accessed over a web app through any PC, laptop, or mobile device. Also, Internet connectivity ensures that Virtual PBX phone systems have minimal downtimes and connectivity issues that on-premises systems are infamous for

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What makes a Virtual PBX system ideal for modern-day businesses?

Predictable annual cost

Virtual PBX systems mostly come in the form of SaaS products which have a flexible pricing plan. You will have some amount of certainty in how much dollars you have to spend monthly/annually to keep the phone system running.

Enterprise-grade features

A virtual PBX brings within the reach of small-scale businesses enterprise-grade PBX features like voicemail, IVR, business hour restrictions, etc. which helps run a call center with ease.

Maximized productivity

Virtual PBX systems are insulated from frequent downtimes as they housed on the cloud. This helps prevent mishaps caused due to electrical or physical wire-related issues.

Call center mobility

Virtual PBX systems give your call center the freedom to be mobile. With a mobile app, you can make or take a quick call even if you are not physically at your call center.

Quick setup

Virtual PBX systems usually take the form of plug and play software or pre-built web applications that can be configured and launched easily in few minutes.


Adding more phone lines, add more agents, set up multiple call queues, customize IVR menus, everything can be done at scale with a virtual PBX, instantly.

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Ideal features of a virtual PBX

An ideal virtual PBX should come with top-notch features that enable quick call center setup, effortless management, and performance monitoring. 



IVR/Phone Trees

Route your callers to specific menus, agents or teams with keypress triggers. IVR can help serve answers to FAQs or even transfer your callers to the right teams ideal to solve the issue. 



Your agents may not be available to take calls 24/7. The call density could be high or some calls could take longer than usual. In such cases, route callers to voicemail for leaving messages.


Business hour routings

Create custom business hours for each time zone, team or agent. Calls that come in beyond the business hours will be routed to a voicemail or IVR. building a global call center is now easier.

Call center management


Call monitoring

Knowing how each call agent is speaking to customers can give some deep insights about your call center’s service quality. With call monitoring, you can discreetly to monitor agent-caller interaction. Read more about Call monitoring.


Real-time dashboard

Having a bird’s eye view of your call center’s ongoing calls, agent availability, l queues, etc. can help call the right shots. Freshcaller comes with a real-time dashboard which will keep you in the know.


Automatic call recording

Be it to comply with regulations or to identify areas where agent productivity, call handling mannerisms, etc. a phone call recorder is necessary. Freshcaller’s automatic call recorder can help with that. Read more about automatic call recorder.

Call center performance


Customer interaction history

When a caller who has called previously calls again, it will help if your agents have the information handy about what was conspired during the previous calls. Freshcaller’s customer interaction history helps with that.


Call conferencing

Sometimes agents may not have the necessary expertise or information required to address customer queries. Call conferencing with a colleague, another team or expert will help resolve customer queries quickly. Read more about call conferencing


Curated reports

Take a quick glance at your call center performance with Freshcaller’s curated reports. Manage your call center and agent productivity better with ready-to-use analytics that gives a 360-degree view of your call center’s real-time activities. Read more about curated reports

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Freshcaller PBX vs Other Virtual PBX Systems

Freshcaller has achieved a star rating of 4* and above on most product reviews forums and communities like G2Crowd, Capterra, Software Advice, Product Hunt, etc. where user-generated PBX reviews are posted. (*at the time of publishing)

Also, on comparison with other PBX systems, Freshcaller has some features that others fall short off. Here is a quick tabulation of the features.

Freshcaller virtual PBX comparison

The preferred virtual PBX system

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