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United States

  • No mechanism to track sales process 

  • Salesforce expensive and complicated 

How Freshsales Helped:
  • Simple, easy-to-use and affordable 

  • Able to track sales activities easily

  • Able to view each customer’s activity log in one single place 


Increase in Quality of Customer Interactions


Reduction in CRM Spends

Based out of California, Impact Lighting | Audio | Video has been in the business of event management for the last 28 years. From intimate social events to large-scale professional conferences, the company manages lighting and production for events of varied sizes across the Bay Area. “It started off as a mom and pop business and was so until six to seven years ago. Then, we started growing and now we’re a USD 12 million company with 50 employees on board,” says Susan Sheinkopf, the director of sales and marketing at the company. 

The need for a CRM 

Talking about Impact’s sales process, Sheinkopf tells us that the team gets anywhere between 15 to 25 incoming requests every month via email. When it comes to outbound, the company has a dedicated team of account managers who build relationships with planners, production companies and caterers to get business. “Our team isn’t made of hard sellers because they’re from the industry and they need to know the technical aspects of business,” she says. 

That being said, when she joined Impact three years ago, one of the first questions Sheinkopf asked the team was; what do you use to track your sales activities? The answer was spreadsheets. “So then, I started explaining to them what a CRM is and why it’s important to track their activities,” she recalls. 

Although she was a prior user of Salesforce, Sheinkopf opines that, aside from the fact that it’s expensive, for a team that didn’t know anything about a CRM, it didn’t make any sense. She then evaluated Zoho, Oodo and Freshsales CRM, and eventually settled for Freshsales. 

“It wasn’t worth spending US $1,200 per user per year on Salesforce, when I’m able to access Freshsales at just US $250 per user per year.”

Susan Sheinkopf

Director of sales and marketing

Impact Lightining | Video | Audio

When asked what led Sheinkopf to go with Freshsales, she tells us:

“It’s Gmail integrated, which is key because we use Gmail extensively and we wanted the adoption to be smooth. Freshsales is also simple, user-friendly, and affordable.”

Most used features 

Contact Management: When the team gets an inbound query, a prospect request a quote, they look into Freshsales to identify if it’s an existing customer and if so, they loop in the respective account manager to take the conversation forward and close the deal. “Some times, the venues refer a prospect to us. We check if the venue or the prospect already belongs to an account manager. If so, we loop them in. If not, we make a fresh start,” explains Sheinkopf. 

“I like the idea that everything is connected in Freshsales, and we can see all activities - emails, conversations and the like - in one place.”

Sales Activities: The company has created custom sales activities to accommodate its business needs. For example, the sales activities comprise ‘met at a networking event’ or ‘dropped by at their office’ and the like. 

“Overall, Freshsales has helped us keep better track of our customers, and better manage our sales process. It keeps my team accountable for the work they do. For example, earlier, they would wait for the phone to ring and get a lead on an event. But now, if an account has been sitting idle in Freshsales for three months, I tell them to follow-up with them, email them and see what’s happening. Freshsales helps me track what my team is doing and how the business is growing.”