Create a repeatable growth engine for every goal



Our chatbots help you meet goals across customer touchpoints —  acquisition, onboarding, engagement or support. 


  • Engage website visitors  proactively based on their behavior

  • Qualify visitors into prospects right inside chat  with apps like Calendar 

  • Convert prospects into engaged customers with personalized engagement 

  • Turn customers into advocates with intent-driven conversations 

Send precise answers or trigger a full-blown
conversational bot 

The future is intent

This next wave of chatbots understands intent and sends precise answers, conversational flows, or does nothing —  bringing a human onboard instead. 

Engagement, not Deflection

Faster response and resolution time is great but is not the whole story. Don’t just defect customer queries but go a step further with conversational flows that lead to purchase or deeper engagement.

Leads, conversions, and revenue

If you build it, they will come, and they will convert. Send proactive campaigns that trigger conversational bots based on the visitor’s activity on your site. Qualify leads, book meetings, reduce cart abandonment, and crush your revenue goals. 

Intelligent, not just scripted 

Answer Bot and Custom Bots are built on top of AI and ML that detects the intent of your prospects and customers to give them the best experience.

Connect with apps you already use 

When you need a little more 

Customized bot solutions outside of  Answer and Custom Bots 

Bring your Own Bot (BYOB) inside Freshchat

Have a homegrown or external bot that you want to integrate with the Freshchat messenger or Inbox? Talk to us. 

Build advanced flows with our Bot Platform 

Pull context and data from external apps to run advanced conversational flows. Learn More.

AI technology built by a team of innovators at Freshworks 


Answer Bot uses machine learning technology to analyze customer conversations on email (Freshdesk) and chat (Freshchat) and generate a list of questions that needs precise answers or better answers.


Both Answer and Custom Bots are also trained on NLP models to detect the intent of your customers and either engage in small talk or hand over the chat to a hhuman.