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Don't just stop with answers to customer questions.
Send the next best set of bot conversations to engage, delight, and close the loop on chat.
Here is how it works.



Your customer asks a question 

Customer asking question



The bot sends a precise response 

Bot response



The bot also contextually engages the customer

Bot engaging customers

 Train your support sidekick in four simple steps 

 Train your support sidekick in four simple steps 

Get a list of commonly asked questions

The bot pre-learns from your helpdesk emails, FAQs, and chat conversations to suggest questions that need new or better answers.

Train the bot to give precise answers

Have control over the answers your bot suggests to make it an extension of your brand.

Connect answers to conversational bot flows

Don't just answer but also trigger the next best set of bot conversations.

Map answers to alternative questions

The same question can be asked in multiple ways. Map answers to other question variants to always give precise answers.

You name it. We bot it.

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