Key Wins
  • Centralized customer support portal
  • Increase transparency in chat metrics with advanced reporting
  • Flexibility in automatic chat assignment
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • 4.7 CSAT rating
  • Integration with Freshdesk, WhatsApp
  • Assignment Rules
  • IntelliAssign
  • Canned Responses
  • Freshdesk Messaging
  • Freshdesk
  • Freshservice

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Reduced first response time by


Number of agents




Company Profile: 

CISS is a company that specializes in software development for supermarkets, building supply stores, wholesale stores, and franchises. With over three decades of experience, more than 5000 stores and 10,000 customers, CISS is regarded as a market leader in the space of bespoke software development in Brazil. 

Their goal is to provide customers, an intelligent and practical operational experience that leads to more employee productivity and convenience. 

They use Freshdesk and Freshdesk Messaging to run their customer experience operations - a platform set up where everything is centralized. Their main users are support agents, a team of 141, who answer real-time chat conversations and respond to calls from end customers, typically helping them resolve product-related issues from the four main channels of support -  in-app chat, WhatsApp, emails, and phone. 


Moving to a robust, unified platform with Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat) and Freshdesk 

Diego Gesser, Support Center Manager at CISS, felt that the support system they had in place previously lacked several key capabilities to manage a large support team and they did not have a good experience with it. 

Problems encountered by CISS with their previous support system: 

- Unreliability and frequent stops due to bugs
- Difficulty with reporting metrics
- Lack of capabilities around chat assignment
- No native integration between chat and ticket management system
- No WhatsApp integration

CISS support agent working out of the Freshdesk Messaging agent portal CISS support agent working out of the Freshdesk Messaging agent portal

CISS support agent working out of the Freshdesk Messaging agent portal

Centralized platform for customer data 

At their scale of operation, it became imperative to have a seamless flow of customer data between various channels of support. And thus, when the CISS leadership team started the evaluation process, this was their most important criteria. 

The combination of Freshdesk and Freshdesk Messaging offered them exactly that and more. The native integration, not only allowed for seamless customer data transfer - but it also enabled agents to perform useful actions like converting chats into tickets without toggling between multiple platforms. 

While the flow of customer data between the support channels was seamless, CISS also needed their agents to have a holistic context of the customer when attending to chats. They achieved this by means of a smart plug that would pull in useful information from their back end systems and make it easily accessible for the agents to refer to.  This, and the ability of Freshdesk Messaging to seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms such as web and third-party applications like WhatsApp made it easy for the CISS leadership team to make the decision to change. 

ciss combined screen ciss combined screen

Freshdesk Messaging agent portal with Freshdesk integration and Smart Plug to pull customer data. 

Automatic Chat Assignment

One of the other CISS’ major priorities was the capability to automatically assign chats to different teams or agents based on the topic of support query and who the customer was.

By nature of their business developing bespoke software solutions, they work with many different types of use-cases and employ specialist support teams to handle different clients. It becomes critical for the chat tool to be able to identify the client in their database, understand the nature of the request and map it to the right team. Diego believes this is very important as their customers expect them to have context on their specific business use case when they start a support chat and it becomes a key factor in delivering the ideal support experience.  

ciss updated 2 ciss updated 2

CISS support team at work

Lucas, the configuration analyst who was instrumental in the implementation of the Freshdesk-Freshdesk Messaging setup for CISS adds that they set up 80 different assignment rules for 38 groups of agents to account for various query types. The flexibility of Freshdesk Messaging ensures that the queries are always routed to the right personnel. 

To manage agent workload, CISS makes use of IntelliAssign. Being automatically able to drive and monitor chat assignment has significantly helped improve the speed of support provided to the consumers. To put a number on it, first response times have improved 30% since implementing Freshdesk Messaging. 

Key Results with Freshworks

With Freshworks, CISS is now able to easily access and register new users on to a single customer portal - knowledge base, tickets, online chat, WhatsApp amongst other possibilities. 

Diego says Freshworks has allowed them to offer a connection between the different support channels they provide - on different topics with different agents - giving them the ability to efficiently manage a single customer profile and offer a great overall user experience. 

He says their most favorite feature on Freshdesk Messaging is Canned Responses. While the team has an extensive standard repository of frequently used responses pre-defined, individual agents also set up their own repositories to reduce time and effort in getting back to customers. 

The goal of the company has always been to improve the overall customer experience, and the more specific goal at the time of implementation was to reach 90% CSAT  by the end of 2019 but they have already well and truly exceeded their expectations with Freshworks. 

Diego adds “Our customer experience is now truly centralized, we have great visibility of our customers and are able to serve them efficiently. A combination of everything we’ve spoken about - chat routing, mobile SDK integration, simple UI and affordable pricing - has made Freshdesk Messaging a great partner for us”