Fashion E-commerce


Saudi Arabia

Key Wins
  • Improved their CSAT rating

  • Personalised, expressive customer conversations

  • Enabling WhatsApp as an engagement channel

  • WhatsApp integration

  • GIFs, Emojis

  • Freshdesk Messaging
  • Freshdesk

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CSAT rating


No. of daily WhatsApp conversations


First response time


About the company

KaafMeem is a Saudi based Fashion E-commerce company that specialises in modern Arabic fashion. Having launched in 2015, it has established itself as a popular brand for high fashion headscarves, Abayas and other accessories in the region. With a small team of 15 employees, they have served more than 20,000 customers in their lifetime, 40% of whom are repeat customers that have placed multiple orders over the years.


The Goal

As one of the most popular Fashion E-Commerce brands in Saudi Arabia, Kaafmeem strives to enable Arabic women to express themselves with exquisite and fashionable clothing. With WhatsApp and Freshdesk Messaging, they intend to make the shopping experience as seamless and convenient as possible.

The Solution: Making communications easier

KaafMeem’s customer service team had traditionally used email and direct calls to handle sales queries, delivery information requests or questions about refunds and replacements. However, they wanted to open a direct dialogue with their consumers by providing a user-friendly channel that they could use to immediately access the Kaafmeem team. They did this by implementing the Freshdesk Messaging widget on their website allowing website visitors to converse with the customer support team in real-time. Given the popularity of WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia, they decided to extend the messaging convenience by also enabling consumers to reach out to them via WhatsApp. 

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By using the WhatsApp Business API via Freshdesk Messaging, KaafMeem was able to implement WhatsApp as an engagement channel in almost no time. Given the modern and familiar agent interface on Freshdesk Messaging, there was not much training necessary for the agents, who were already comfortable and equipped to engage customer conversations. Additionally, being able to identify the customer, their history of transactions and conversations inside Freshdesk Messaging helps the support team deliver contextual and effective support experiences.

“Freshdesk Messaging (and WhatsApp) is the #1 customer engagement tool in our organisation, whether it is sales or support. Our customer-facing folks spend 80% of their time on Freshdesk Messaging everyday”

Mayyer Saleh

General Manager


Their success

Soon after implementing Freshdesk Messaging, messaging has overtaken email and direct phone to become their most important customer support channel. Almost 85% of all customer conversations started occurring on chat - of which 30% were from the WhatsApp channel, promoted on their newsletter, website and Instagram bio. 

This has also had a significant impact on the first response times. While their first response time on email was 1 hour 12 mins on average, they were able to bring this down to under a minute with Freshdesk Messaging. This may well justify the change in preference for customers to move from email to messaging.

“Messaging is anything but dry conversation. It is continuous and fast, both of which are important. But more importantly, it is also emotive. We use Freshdesk Messaging’s enhanced messaging options like emojis and GIFs to be more empathetic and expressive with our customers. We are also able to send pictures of new designs while chatting or ask for screenshots when we need clarification on an issue. This makes a huge difference to the conversational experience”

Mayyer Saleh

General Manager


Whilst becoming their go-to engagement channel was a significant development, Freshdesk Messaging also helped bump up their CSAT score to 4.7. Mayyar attributes this to the emotive conversations his team is able to have with customers helping them build relationships that matter