South Africa

  • Previous support tool was cumbersome

  • Provide the best CX using simple, intuitive UX

  • Scaling sales and support using new channels

  • Inability to measure engagement metrics

  • Freshdesk Messaging
  • Freshdesk Messaging - WhatsApp
  • Freshdesk
  • Freddy self service

Freshdesk Messaging - WhatsApp SLA


Increase in Inbound queries


First Contact Resolution SLA


About the company:


Mama Money, the world’s first Social Business Money Transfer Operator, is a rapidly growing tech company that aims to directly assist African and Asian expats transfer money home by lowering the cost of cross-border payments. What once started as a small company with seven members operating only in South Africa, has now grown into a 120+ strong company with operations in 19 countries across Africa and Asia.

It doesn’t stop there, Mama Money was awarded the best FinTech startup in South Africa in the year 2019.  Their brand promise has always been to provide an easy way to send more money home by providing best-in-class customer experiences across channels

The Problem:

Mama Money used Google Sheets to track all of their customer interactions. With aggressive expansion into neighbouring countries and other parts of the world, tracking partner activity, SLAs, customer escalations, emails and customer information on Google Sheets was starting to become a cumbersome activity. Mama money started facing scaling and growth related issues and wanted a solution that could cater to their specific needs:

  • Growth - They had to identify new channels for rapid market acquisition.

  • Volume - As Mama money started expanding into newer regions with new partners and financial aggregators, their field agent strength increased to 2500.

  • Simple UI - In certain markets like West Africa where users were less inclined to using tech solutions, and keeping the end user UI simple and intuitive was a very important requirement.

“Our customer experience is critical for us. Simple UI is very important because we’re dealing with difficult and different target markets that are not exactly tech savvy”

Deon Botha

CRM Solutions team

The Solution:

Freshdesk Messaging + Freshdesk for scalable and holistic customer experience

Mama Money applies the same principles of simple, intuitive experiences for their internal teams as well; so after months of testing and trialling customer engagement products, the Freshdesk Messaging - Freshdesk integration automatically ticked the boxes for simple UI, fast onboarding time and ability to track SLAs. Agents were able to quickly get customer information using the Context Pane, thus providing personalised customer support at scale. Managers were now able to analyse better using the reports and plug leaks and improve operations.

After switching to the Freshdesk Messaging - Freshdesk integration, Mama Money’s First contact Resolution ability improved by 34%, while achieving 82% of  their resolution SLAs.

Freshdesk Messaging + WhatsApp for faster and accessible customer interaction

With WhatsApp being the most used messaging platform across Africa, it was a no-brainer for Mama Money to integrate it with Freshdesk Messaging as soon as it was released.

In a span of 3 months, the number of conversations initiated increased 16X — from 1500 per month  25000 from 1500 per month, and the team is gearing up to see a similar increase in these times, when there’s restricted movement between places. With a team of 49 juggling between chats, calls and tickets, using bots to handle this growing scale of questions, was the obvious way forward and so they implemented bots in WhatsApp to answer basic questions and direct higher level queries to the right team.

“WhatsApp has been a really amazing channel for us. In a span of 3 months, after implementation, we’ve seen a 16X increase in chats. It’s an amazing solution for us”

Deon Botha

CRM Solutions

Using WhatsApp, Mama Money is able to achieve 89% of their First resolution SLAs, an improvement  from a previous 49%.
Mama Money has now found an ability to provide wow experiences, while maintaining their promise of sending more money home.

What’s in store for the future?

Mama Money has an audacious goal in terms of transactions, and are looking to expand their partnership with Freshworks. They are looking at adapting in-app chat and bots for self service within the app. They want to further grow their relation with Freshworks by adopting other products like Freshcaller for their call center platform and Freshsales to handle customer information and efficiently manage their CRM.