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UAE, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Key Wins
  • Providing support on WhatsApp

  • Website engagement increased by 40%

  • Capturing leads when the team is offline

  • WhatsApp integration

  • Asynchronous Messaging

  • Offline Experience

  • Freshdesk Messaging
  • Freshdesk

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Increased website engagement by


No. of daily WhatsApp conversations


Average response time


About the company

Musafir is UAE’s first premium-experience travel services company that offers visas, holidays, flights and hotel bookings all under one platform. They offer flights to 3000 destinations and hotel stays in more than 85,000 properties globally. While they have a critical online presence, they also have branch offices in four countries (Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar and UAE) to service their aggressively expanding customer base who turn to them for all their travel requirements. 

Reliability, Convenience and Affordability form the bedrock of Musafir’s customer experience strategy. They strive to create premium hassle-free experiences right from the time a traveller lands on the Musafir website or a branch office and up until the end of their travel journeys.


Problem Statement: 

The online travel services industry is very high touch. Musafir is no exception - a large percentage of their customers prefer to talk to a travel agent before booking one of their services. To enable engagement on the website, they set up a “Contact Us” form on the product pages apart from a telephone number to reach the Musafir support team. While these channels did help drive high intent leads to engage with the brand to an extent, they were lacking in multiple facets. 

The main challenges faced by Musafir with their previous setup:

  • Synchronous messaging and lack of context in customer conversations 

  • Gated forms that were transactional and uninviting, leading to drop-offs

  • Inability to scale WhatsApp as a channel

The Solution: 

Upon implementing the Freshdesk Messaging solution, they made the widget accessible for visitors on the website to initiate chats. In addition, they also started listing their WhatsApp support number. With Freshdesk Messaging, Musafir’s agents could now answer chats initiated on both the chat widget and WhatsApp right from within the Freshdesk Messaging agent portal. 

screenshot 2020 02 25 at 11 53 08 am screenshot 2020 02 25 at 11 53 08 am

Of WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion users worldwide, 7.88 million are in the United Arab Emirates, which is almost 85% of the country’s total population. This trend is similar in all their other operational markets (Saudi Arabia, India and Qatar). Offering an engagement channel that was familiar and non-intrusive to their customers began to pay off  almost immediately for Musafir. More than 20% of all engagement happens on Freshdesk Messaging (and WhatsApp) in just over five months of implementing Freshdesk Messaging. Users who had traditionally preferred to call support when they needed assistance were switching to chat. This development also makes it a successful implementation for Musafir from an operational standpoint, as they have been able to improve agent productivity significantly. 

screenshot 2020 02 25 at 12 06 55 pm screenshot 2020 02 25 at 12 06 55 pm

The Freshdesk Messaging solution also enabled a conversational way for Musafir to acquire lead information when the team was offline.  By enabling the away experience bot flow, they managed to increase the number of offline leads by 15%. 

Road Ahead:

Given the initial success of the Freshdesk Messaging implementation, Musafir plans to double down on website chat and particularly, WhatsApp as a channel by diverting traffic from the phone channel. While WhatsApp is listed on their web pages, it is still not promoted extensively on offline and online marketing campaigns, and this is another aspect that the team is keen to explore. 

The Musafir team realise their approach to website chat has thus far been, reactive and plan to implement Freshdesk Messaging’s enhanced proactive trigger campaigns to proactively tap into visitor intent and improve website conversions. This, they believe, could be the real game-changer in skyrocketing their website engagement.

Musafir helps create memorable holidays with Freshdesk Messaging and WhatsApp. It’s your turn now!