• Intermittent customer communication

  • Scaling WhatsApp customer engagement

  •  Customer wait time

  • Simple, Intuitive Interface
  • Canned responses
  • IntelliAssign
  • Smart Plugs
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Integration with Freshdesk
  • Freshdesk Messaging
  • Freshdesk

First Response time




Agent onboarding time

24 hours

SENS Group dedicates itself to create exceptional experiences for each client at every opportunity. It is an insurance company which aims at reinventing the world of personal insurance by doing everything they can for their clients. They provide all kinds of policies and retail products primarily focusing on cars, motorcycles, and home insurance.

Communicating with customers has always been their top priority. So, as the company grows its client portfolio, they need to ensure that every single operation followed by their employees has core values:

  • Hospitality

  • Expeditious integrity

  • Ownership

  • Teamwork

  • Expertise

The Problem:

The organization grew and many branches blossomed. So, face to face events were hard to follow up by Customer success managers. The customers preferred a constant source of communication with the business.

As SENS Group’s support team was also growing, they needed software that could allow multiple agents to handle WhatsApp and software that could reduce their onboarding time.

“ As we grew, our Customer Success Managers were finding it tough to conduct regular face-to-face meetings. This was hindering our sales opportunities ”

The owners knew they needed to change the structure and the mindset in order to scale-up.

The Solution: 

One of the solutions that SENS found, among the variety of Freshworks products, was Freshdesk Messaging. SENS decided to start using this product once approved to use the WhatsApp integration

  • SENS believed that every time a customer reaches out to an insurance provider, they must receive instant responses. After acquiring the Freshdesk Messaging- WhatsApp integration, SENS sends notifications to customers through WhatsApp. such as updates on contracts. This made it easier for customers to get quick support and receive important notifications through WhatsApp.

  • Proactively asking for customer’s feedback through WhatsApp was straightforward and customers could give their feedback immediately. Due to the increase in positive ratings, leads have started pouring in and sales have also been in increase.

screenshot 2020 06 11 at 1 45 39 pm screenshot 2020 06 11 at 1 45 39 pm
  • SENS’s agents handle chats from 9 am - 10 pm on weekdays and 9 - 8 pm on weekends. The ability to support their customers for such long hours and with almost no wait time has been a major customer retention point, compared to their competitors.

  • Other strong features such as Intelli-Assign and Canned Responses have helped agents immensely. Initially, SENS’s agents could only help one customer at a time. But with Freshdesk Messaging’s IntelliAssign, agents are classified based on their skill level and conversations are assigned accordingly. Now, a beginner agent connects with up to 3 people and an expert could handle up to 10 customers. And, Canned responses help give faster responses to customers.

“Since we started using WhatsApp with Freshdesk Messaging, we can proudly say that our rating is 5.0 stars.”

Nicolas Stegmann

Chief Marketing Officer

SENS Group


  • Integrating with Freshdesk, Freshdesk Messaging helped SENS create instant tickets. This helped the Back-office execute and resolve requests while the Front-Office receives, classifies and distributes all kinds of requests in quick and decisive attention.

The Road ahead:

In the future, SENS wishes to grow its support team by maximizing their team of 10 to 14-18 people.

In addition, they are looking forward to expanding their business to its neighboring countries such as Brazil, SENS desires to use Freshdesk Messaging’s Live translate feature, which would make it easier for customers to communicate in a language they’re comfortable with. 

Bots along with WhatsApp - Freshdesk Messaging also play a major role in SENS’s upcoming years. Bots help in handling large volumes of customer chats by answering the repetitive questions and leaving the important ones to the agents.