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About Wadi Degla SC

Customer experience should never be good enough; it should be amazing. Wadi Degla Sporting Club moved from Intercom to Freshdesk Messaging to ensure they never compromised on customer experience again. 

Wadi Degla Sporting Club is Egypt’s premier multi-sport coaching academy and leisure center. The club brings together families looking to spend quality time engaging in physical sports while also mentoring young athletes to pursue their passion on a global playing field. 

Wadi Degla connects with its customers using Freshdesk Messaging through their mobile app and websites. On average, they receive 5000 interactions a month, which is handled by their 3-member lean team. We spoke to Amr Onsy, the Director of Customer Service at Wadi Degla, who pointed out the reasons behind switching to Freshdesk Messaging. 

Challenges in using Intercom for chat

  • Increased wait times: Intercom could not put a cap on the numbers of chats assigned to an agent. This led to longer wait times and skewed up performance reports.

  • Unsatisfied customers: Customers got frustrated when the agents were away. With Intercom, there was no way to turn off chat outside of business hours.

  • Inadequate bot capabilities: Amr explained that Intercom's bot was basic and only helped with simple FAQ. It did not allow them to build more complex bot flows for their business-specific use cases.

  • Stunted expansion opportunities: For Wadi Degla, WhatsApp was the company’s ideal next step in connecting with customers. WhatsApp was used extensively by its customer base in Egypt. But there was no native integration to the app from Intercom. 

  • Complicated pricing: Not only was Intercom expensive, but the pricing model changed in the middle of the contract causing unnecessary confusion in invoicing.

Reasons to switch to Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)


Better routing and assignment

Intercom’s load balancing only allows for round-robin distribution. When Amr wanted to limit the chats assigned per agent, this feature was absent in Intercom. Freshdesk Messaging's IntelliAssign feature allowed Amr to define the number of chats an agent can be assigned at one time, hence load balancing based on agent workload. Furthermore, by applying assignment rules, his agents could also receive conversations from groups specific to URLs and locations, creating more efficiency for his lean team.

360-degree insights into performance

Amr also could not measure key indicators on agent productivity with Intercom; this meant the agents were losing out on efficiency. With Freshdesk Messaging’s varied range of reporting, Amr could look into the fine details of productivity.

“I like Freshdesk Messaging's reporting. Right from the conversation overview, team and agent performance, customer satisfaction, agent availability, and so on. It gives you a more 360-degree insight on how my team is working. It's more detailed than Intercom.”

Amr Onsy

Director of Customer Service

Wadi Degla SC

Zero customers left behind

Wadi Degla came to understand that customers who reached out outside of business hours were often left unattended. Some of them were visibly unsatisfied with the lack of responses. Unlike Freshdesk Messaging, Amr’s team could not disable the chat widget outside business hours with Intercom. An easy way to offer more near real-time support when the agents come back to work the next morning. With this feature, Wadi Degla was able to engage 100% of their customers who reached out over chat in near real-time.

The agents could also attend to several customers at once compared to the phone channel where they could talk to only one customer at a time. Consequently, Amr also mentioned that customers were more patient when messaging over chat as it was common to wait a couple of seconds for responses. The response expectations set by the customer service team enabled the team to talk to up to 7 customers concurrently.

Intuitive bots for a lean team

With just two agents in the team managing over 5000 interactions a month, they had to succumb to Intercom’s limited capabilities that could only handle simple FAQs. Intercom’s basic bot capabilities were the deal-breaker for Amr to switch to Freshdesk Messaging. The intuitive and engaging custom bot extended beyond simple answers to offer intent-based solutions. Agents no longer had to engage in routine conversations with customers. One way the bot helps the team is by collecting information from new members right from the chat and redirecting them to their next steps without human interference.

With Freddy’s new multilingual support in Arabic, Amr’s team is looking forward to integrating chatbots with their mobile app. With this integration, they will offer seamless support while generating leads in the country’s local language. 

Reaching new targets with WhatsApp

The next opportunity that Amr and his team are most looking forward to is the WhatsApp integration with Freshdesk Messaging. The majority of Wadi Degla customers are WhatsApp users. Offering support and generating leads on the app will give Wadi Degla an edge in business. However, like most businesses, Wadi Degla had to put its expansion plan on hold in 2020. In early 2021, the team will be integrated with WhatsApp and undertaking key operations like: 

  • Engaging at no cost with the club visitors who live outside Egypt that visit upon arrival.

  • Increasing the number of agents to handle the expected growth from WhatsApp.

  • Attaining maximum cost efficiency with Freddy AI on WhatsApp

“Our strategy for the future is to start deflecting most of the requests from calls to WhatsApp.”

Amr Onsy

Director of Customer Service

Wadi Degla SC

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What you get in Freshdesk Messaging versus Intercom

Simple and predictable pricing

Unlike Intercom, Freshdesk Messaging’s pricing didn’t come in the way of Wadi Degla’s customer experience. When the customer service team saw a 40% increase in customer interactions,  Amr’s team could manage the exponential rise with no addition to their costs. Unlike Intercom, the invoicing process was transformed as Wadi Degla only paid for its active users without ever being penalized for growing. 

By talking to Amr, it was clear that Wadi Degla is on an exponential growth streak. Their timely switch to Freshdesk Messaging has set them off on a path that will allow them to scale their business with tools that offer engagement and efficiency at affordable prices.