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  • Validating test ideas
  • Improving conversions


  • Session Replay
  • A/B Testing
  • Form Analytics

Nestled in Janesville, Wisconsin, Foremost Media is a full-service web development and digital marketing agency. Specializing in working with B2B manufacturing Companies grow their business using tools like SEO, CRO, and PPC, they truly are the one-stop solution for creating and managing their customers’ online presence. 

We spoke to Jon Ballard, CEO of Foremost Media and got him to discuss their website optimization efforts and results with us.

This case study explores how Jon and his team use Freshmarketer to drive website conversions.

The Problem

An ardent fan of constant experimentation, the team at Foremost media, faced difficulties in validating their test ideas. And they didn’t want to go by the highest-paid person’s opinion either. (HiPPO). 

““We had just been making suggestions that we hoped would improve conversion and those suggestions were often met with a lot of resistance because "The boss wanted the site to look a certain way."”

Jon Ballard


Foremost Media

It was even harder for them to gauge if the proposed changes were impacting conversions, or whether external factors affected them. 

However, with Freshmarketer, their apprehensions about what to test were put to rest. They followed a structured methodology that not only validated their hunches but also led to a surge in their website conversions.

The Process

We’ve been in the CRO space for a while now, and no one has impressed us better than Foremost media’s optimization process. By following an organized framework, the team set up a clear winning path for their optimization efforts. 

They followed the PIE approach developed by Wider Funnel’s Chris Goward, that evaluated three factors namely - Potential, Importance, and Ease, for website optimization. The Foremost Media team further drilled down their process into:

  • Identifying the issue
  • Constructing the hypothesis
  • Designing the test
  • Testing

Here is when Freshmarketer’s feature set came into the picture. 

To identify issues or possible conversion areas, the team extensively made use of heatmaps.

Here’s a heatmap experiment that they had run on their website:


And no, they didn’t stop just there. With session replays, they upped their user research game and were able to view their sites from customers’ perspective.

They came up with data-backed hypothesis and then went on to A/B test them, to attain higher conversions for their customers.

““With A/B testing we've eliminated the variables, and we have a higher degree of confidence that the changes we make are really making an impact.””

Jon Ballard


Foremost Media

Apart from these, Freshmarketer’s funnel and form analytics features were also their favorites to use in conversion experiments. Here’s a sample funnel used in one of their experiments, where they gained test ideas.

The Tests

A lot of CRO experts are skeptical about simple experiments like changing the CTA buttons, copy or images, to achieve higher conversions.

Are they right about being miffed about testing these simple changes to optimize for conversions?

That’s what Foremost media set to find out. 

Over the years they’ve worked with numerous clients, and they have understood that small changes to your website create a significant impact on your business’s bottom line.

Not convinced?

Here are a few simple tests that the team had run on their customers’ websites and saw its conversions soar.

Experiment 1 - Simple color test on a button

The team wanted to test their CTA button, with orange and green variations. With Freshmarketer, implementing this change was just a breeze with its intuitive WYSIWYG editor. They found that their conversions improved significantly by 23%.

Here’s where this test gets interesting. The team also wanted to assign a monetary value to this improvement. Their CTA button was worth around $5000, taking factors like their close rate, customer lifetime value, etc., into consideration. They found that this 23% improvement resulted in a $12000 revenue increase.

A simple button change resulted in an additional $12000 revenue for every 3000 visitors!!!

Oh, did we also mention that this test was the start of their data-driven optimization journey? Quite impressive, we say.

Experiment 2 - CTA Border Changes 

The manufacturing page on Foremost Media’s website was one among their high-value page, with high traffic, and more chances of conversion. This means that even the clicks on their CTA button were valuable because any visitor clicking on the CTA button would fall deeper into their funnel.

When they ran the tests, they found that by adding a simple border they were able to increase their click rates by around 600%

““As an agency, we've worked with multiple clients to help improve their bottom lines by identifying issues with their sites that are causing them to lose sales. The beauty of Freshmarketer is it is really hard to argue with hard data.””

Jon Ballard


Foremost Media

When it comes to CRO, no test is too big or too small. For your optimization efforts to succeed, a structured process along with a reliable CRO tool like Freshmarketer would go a long way. This was Foremost media's exact approach towards experimentation that resulted in better website conversions for their customers and them.