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GoTo Marketers (GTM) is a full-service, data-driven marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. Their team is spread over North America. Founded in 2012, GTM focuses on delivering marketing-as-a-service for clients spanning diverse verticals. Their client portfolio includes Enterprise IT, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, art galleries, and mobile app developers. 

Problem Statement

GoTo Marketers uses Freshmarketer to address the conversion optimization needs of their clients. They are one of the power users of Heatmap, using it to gather intel on content flow and visitor journeys through client websites. 

We spoke to Richard Rudy, who is the senior partner in the agency.

He shared with us how he uses heatmaps to power his CRO efforts

“We use Freshmarketer heatmaps and tests for every client we have. Whether their site gets 2000 or 200,000 visitors per month, we need to better understand navigation patterns. Freshmarketer helps us tighten up information architecture, and make sure visitors are seeing all key points and CTAs on the page. With Freshmarketer's data and analysis, we help clients make faster decisions and improve conversions almost immediately.”

Richard Rudy

Senior Partner

GoTo Marketers

About the experiment

For the purpose of this case study, Richard shared with us an experiment that he ran for one of his clients- a well-known global training and consulting firm headquartered in the US. 

The experiment was run on a page that had decent traffic and significantly contributed to their bottom line. It had two CTAs, the primary download link, and a secondary contact form. In the initial site redesign, the download button matched the form submit button color. 


Both the buttons were equally important but the order of priority was workshop outline download followed by contact form submission. To identify the best versions, Richard created two variations. It was a simple color change but one that had significant results (as we will see later).

Variation Blue


Variation Green

The experiment was run for 60 days in order for the page to generate enough hits that the client felt comfortable with the results.

The Result

The experiment achieved significance and both the variations showed massive improvement over the original. The version with Blue download button performed the best for the primary CTA. However, the green version improved both the primary and secondary CTAs. 

Variation % increaase in PDF Download % increase in Form Submission
Blue +5.27% +5.3%
Green +5.04% +14.1%

GTM advised the client to use the version that improved both primary and secondary goals. The 14% increase in Contact Form submissions was well worth the 5% difference in downloads.

Speaking about the experiment Rick said, "clients are often overwhelmed with the idea of any optimization project. With so many variables it’s often hard to know where to start. A conversion point that can be updated with a simple template change is usually the easiest place. Freshmarketer makes it easy to create the variations without touching the site code, but the change should be fairly straightforward once a winner is found."

“Freshmarketer allows us to deliver the insights we need with the data to help our clients in a more impactful way. Being a data-driven agency, we make decisions based on numbers and not gut feel. Without Freshmarketer we could not help our clients improve conversions, visitor journeys, and user experience.”

William Goddard


GoTo Marketers