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Australia is one of the most pet-loving nations in the world reflected by the fact that Australians collectively spend well over $12 billion a year on pets. However, three pet lovers with a solid background in finance and pet industry were not happy with how pet service businesses were less concerned about animal welfare and more focused on extracting money from the owners. 

They blamed the hegemony of big box retailers in the pet care business for that. They believed that independent vets despite constituting 60% of the total didn’t have proportional representation in the business.

So they built an innovative solution that allowed independent vets to create wellness plans for pets and let pet owners buy them as a subscription. The solution was named Knose. Combined with Knose, pet Insurance vets and pet owners have a complete solution. 

Why Freshmarketer?

Knose has two types of audience

  • B2B- Vets
  • B2C- Pet owners

Both the audience have different incentive from Knose, thus they naturally need to be engaged differently. Nathan, who is COO and co-founder at Knose needed a solution that lets him;

Capture leads/contacts from the website, store them in appropriate lists/segments and manage them efficiently;
Nurture contacts in a personalized manner via ‘Journey’ and lead them to conversion; and
Run different workflows for his two audiences while ensuring that the communication flows don’t conflict with each other. 

Most importantly, being a small team and young startup he needed a solution that integrates well with their existing marketing stack (like list builder, CRM, Helpdesk software etc.) without burning a hole in the pocket. 

Freshmarketer met these requirements and won Knose’s approval. 

What did they do?

Form Tracking

Knose has multiple forms on its web property. Each form captures a certain type of audience which should be fed to independent lists. 



So Nathan used Freshmarketer’s web form tracking module to track such forms and store the subscriber’s data in lists. 

In the absence of web form tracking, Nathan would have had to find a form builder tool that integrates with his email marketing tool (Freshmarketer in this case) and sends lead data to it. That would have strongly restricted how he would have wanted to build his forms or the tools he wanted to use.

Its simplicity ensured that he didn’t have to rely on dev folks to deal with the complex JS events and thank you page confirmations to track them. 

Lead follow up and nurturing

Depending on its type, some leads need to be followed up immediately and some passively. Moreover, you don’t want any lead to go stale so all of them need to be engaged in an effective manner. 

Nathan used Freshmarketer Journey to ensure that. For instance, as soon as you update a subscription form on their website, you are instantly added to a list. 

Upon being added to the list the following Journey is triggered which sends a welcome email to the user. 


It may look like a normal autoresponder but the advantage that Journey provides to Nathan is that it ensures that his communication doesn’t need to be in a pre-determined email sequence. Nathan could add user-action based conditions, delay, list activity before any communication so that any email that the user receives feels truly contextual and non-spammy.


Cutting down error resolution time

Knose also used Freshmarketer’s sister product Freshdesk for helpdesk management. Freshdesk has close integration with Freshmarketer’s Session Replay module, in a way that whenever a user generates a complaint ticket, the support agent can see a recorded video of what users had exactly done before raising the ticket. 

For Nathan, this nearly killed the need to ask for snapshots, gif, link from the customer while resolving any query. 

Read more about it here.

“Freshmarketer and the Freshworks suite has allowed Knose to match and arguable leapfrog the incumbent’s customer engagement. Freshmarketer has made it easy to add customer engagement communications and push tasks to Freshdesk for our customer service team as we plan them. Where we haven’t been able to work out how to implement a process the Freshmarketer customer success team have been very responsive and helpful.”

Nathan Harris

Co-founder & COO

Knose Everyday Pet Care