AI in Customer Service: A Survey Report from Europe

Leading brands are  investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment existing teams and resources to improve the customer experience. However, most companies are still only scratching the surface of how AI can be used for customer support. There is a significant disconnect between what customers are experiencing and what brands think they are delivering. To understand this disconnect, we surveyed 6,000 consumers and 800 senior business leaders from a number of industries across Europe.


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Chatbots on abusive language & embarrassing questions

Freshworks conducted its AI in Customer Service research, talking to 6055 consumers and 812 senior decision makers in customer service departments across specific markets in Europe. The research investigated the attitudes of both businesses and consumers towards the use of AI, chatbots and automated assistants in customer support. 

Freshworks found that when dealing with chatbots, most consumers use language they would not take with a human agent; According to the businesses surveyed, customers across Europe use more abusive language or swearwords in conversations with chatbots than when speaking to human customer service agents.  

The results also show that some consumers are turning to chatbots to discuss sensitive issues, with a significant number of European consumers asking bots questions they’d be too embarrassed to discuss with a human. 


Key findings from this survey include:

Key Insights from the AI Report

European consumers see no benefit
of chatting with a bot

European consumers said answers from bots
did not help solve their problem

brands use AI to
improve their customer service

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