AI and customer service: a European study 

"41% of customers do not want to interact with robots because they see no benefit"


There is a significant mismatch between customer expectations for service, the experiences brands think they offer, and the experiences they actually offer. To understand the actions to be taken to close this gap, we interviewed 6,000 consumers and 800 decision-makers in companies from different sectors, across Europe.


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Profanity and embarrassing questions: welcome to the world of chatbots. 


Freshworks has conducted AI research in Customer Service, gathering information from over 6,055 consumers and 812 decision makers in Customer Support services in several European markets. This research analyzes both the behavior of businesses and consumers with regard to the use of AI, chatbots, and automatic assistants in customer service.

In this study, Freshworks identified that consumers tended to use a different language with chatbots than with human agents. According to the companies surveyed, European customers are prone to using coarser language, or even insults, when speaking with a chatbot than when speaking with a human.

The results of this study also showed that users turn to chatbots to discuss the most sensitive topics. They favor these interlocutors for subjects that they would be embarrassed to discuss with a human.


The most interesting results of this study are the following: 

The key ideas of the AI ​​report

des consommateurs européens ne voient aucun bénéfice à chatter avec un robot

disent que les réponses des robots ne les aident pas à résoudre leurs problèmes

des marques utilisent l'IA pour améliorer leur service client

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