UK consumers look for local business


39% of UK consumers were inspired to support local businesses during the pandemic.

local business global survey report


Large businesses in the UK miss the mark


35% of UK consumers thought large businesses got worse at customer service.



Pandemic patience is wearing thin


31% of UK consumers said that pandemic has made them more likely to stop using a brand in response to a bad customer service experience.

Insights from EU countries

About the Global Survey Report

Over the past year, businesses and consumers struggled to adapt to the new normal. But the relationship between the two improved, with businesses meeting consumers where they were, digitally. Consumers will now expect businesses to be able to meet their needs both digitally and in person.


Key take-aways from this report:
  • Businesses that haven’t invested in digital transformation must invest now — or risk missing the next wave of opportunities
  • Consumers are eager to spend with businesses that provide increased digital offerings and services
  • The enhanced digitization of business-consumer interactions is here to stay
  • The virtual consumer experience will be essential as businesses look to maintain and grow their consumer base.

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