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As an agent using Freshcaller within Freshdesk to handle support queries, you probably want to ensure that you’re using all aspects of the integration correctly. To do this, you’ll need to be aware of all the features at your disposal and the best ways to use them. This course will help you accomplish that. We will take you through the capabilities of Freshcaller and highlight how they can be used in tandem with Freshdesk to solve customer problems with greater ease.

In this course, we will cover :

  • Activating Freshcaller within Freshdesk - Understand how to get started with your existing or new Freshcaller account
  • Login and Onboarding - Set your availability status and choose the phone number from which you wish to make and receive calls
  • In-call functions - Learn to use notes, call forwards, and notifications, in addition to basic features such as mute and speakerphone
  • Features for agent efficiency - Convert missed calls and voicemails to tickets and review call metrics
  • Self-assessment tools - Interpret reports and use the live dashboard to guide your workflows
  • Forums, IVR settings, and call queues for you to help your supervisor plan contact center operations.

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