Ace The Holiday Season 

The rush of the holidays is like no other. Sugar rush, gifting, shopping, and the seasonal excitement -- all make for a busy and exciting, but no doubt challenging, time for companies and customer service teams. As we head into the holidays this year, we thought it would be an ideal time to revisit our customer service guides and give them the holiday treatment.


That’s why we launched this course on Freshworks Academy. Our Guide to Customer Service: Holiday Edition will take you through strategies to navigate the holiday season, complete with well-rounded, actionable tips. 


By the end of the course, you’ll come away with the surefire support action plans to have in place, ways to build up your team, encourage both productivity and wellness, and use the lessons learned for the next holiday season. 


Course Curriculum

Holiday-Proofing your Support Strategy

  • Conducting research of past seasons

  • Strengthening existing systems

  • Getting cross-functional teams on the same page

  • Bringing in employee wellness to the storefront

Boosting your Support Team for the Holidays

  • Hiring and recruiting seasonal hires

  • Training temporary hires and getting them up to speed

  • Managing customer expectations

  • Getting back to routine post-holiday season

Course Instructors

divya 01 divya 01
Divya Murthy

Copywriter at Freshworks

Divya is a writer with experience in journalism, copywriting, and trade, and academic publishing. Outside work hours, she likes biking, baking, and doing easy crosswords, and grimacing at hard ones.

akshara 01 akshara 01
Akshara Gandavadi

Course Instructor at Freshworks 

Akshara is invested in building Freshwork’s online community by engaging with other people who love customer support. She is also a course instructor at Freshworks Academy. Outside of work, she loves to bake and cook.  

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