Check out our upcoming features
Limited recruiter

Recruiters can have access to only the jobs they’re assigned to and nothing more.

Coming soon
Restricted hiring team access

You can restrict hiring team access to just the candidates you want them to view.

Coming soon
Job requisition workflow

Hiring managers can raise a request and get it approved so that recruiters can get cracking.

Coming soon
Multiple recruiters and hiring managers

Multiple recruiters and hiring managers can work on a single job posting. They will also be able to assign a set of candidates to a specific recruiter or recruiting group.

Coming soon
Follow candidates

Hiring team members can “follow” candidates and receive updates when their status changes.

Coming soon
Cool off period

Candidates can apply again for a job only after a specified time period.

Coming soon
Offer management part deux

Custom fields, PDF attachments...offer management is getting a makeover.

Coming soon
Remote location

The ability to list a job as remote and not make do with just adding “Remote” to the title.

Coming soon
Chrome extension for sourcing

When you source for candidates from multiple sites, use the Chrome extension to directly grab their details and add them to Freshteam.

Coming soon
Nurture passive candidates

Follow up and nurture your passive candidates through a series of automatic emails to keep them warm.

Coming soon

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