Find candidates

Free job boards, through candidate sourcing partners or an employee portal, find the right candidates for your open positions.

Accept applications

Set up a careers site to display your employer brand and job postings for interested candidates; you can also set up a mailbox for applications.

Manage candidates

Set up automation rules that can check for conditions when candidates apply and perform actions to move them along the queue.

Use candidate sourcing channels that work for you

From Freshteam, you can share your job postings to job boards, manage vendor relationships, post on social media and more. You can even create a custom tab on your Facebook page and display job postings for interested applicants.

Free job board integrations

Post from your ATS to job boards like LinkedIn, Adzuna, Glassdoor and Ziprecruiter.

Manage sourcing partners

Manage your sourcing partnerships from your ATS; your vendors can log in and add their candidates to your hiring pipeline.

Source socially

Take your job openings to your Facebook fans; a custom tab displays an updated list of open job positions.

Ask the right questions and speed up your hiring process

Customise your career site and show your candidates what they can expect. You can also customise the application form for every job posting to ask relevant questions and collect important information.

Customised career site

Set up a branded career site to showcase your employer brand.

Application forms

Speed up the hiring process by designing application forms that do the pre-screening process for you.

Manage email

Send and receive recruitment related emails from Freshteam. You can not just sync your careers mailbox but also your personal email account.

Custom career site

You can redesign the career site completely, using Javascript and CSS, to display your employer brand to candidates.

Job embeds

Display an updated list of job postings on any page you’d like by inserting just one line into the code of the page.

Automate actions and manage candidates

Set up workflows so that Freshteam can act for you when certain events happen and conditions are met. Want Freshteam to move candidates along the queue based on their application form answers? You can. Want Freshteam to automatically move a candidate based on their interview score? You can.


Sort candidates automatically based on their answers to your application form questions.

Send out tests automatically

When candidates get moved to a take-home test stage, Freshteam can automagically send out test links.

Build a candidate database

Nurture a talent pool by automatically archiving any overqualified candidates.