Bring onboard

Get your entire hiring team onto Freshteam so that they have access to all the information your recruiters have.

Schedule interviews

Reduce overhead by simplifying the interview scheduling process for your recruiters and your interviewers.

Collect feedback

Speeden up the hiring process by collecting structured feedback online through interview scorecards.

Keep all your hiring discussions in one place

Instead of fragmenting communication across emails, Hangouts, Slack or in-person chats, take all your discussions to a single applicant tracking system that is accessible to everyone. This way, everyone can access information whenever they’d like and weigh in with their opinions, through a comments and rating section.

Candidate 360

Everything you need to know about a candidate, in one place.

Post comments

Comment on candidate profiles to start discussions and collect opinions.

Quick and simple interview scheduling

Pick a time that works for everyone by scheduling interviews through Freshteam. A Google Calendar and Office 365 calendar integration simplify the scheduling process and reduce overhead. You can also use services like Skype Interviews, Google Hangouts, and HackerRank CodePair to conduct online interviews.

Integrate Google (or Office 365) Calendar

Pick a time that works for everyone by integrating your calendar.

Conduct online interviews

Real time compilers, whiteboards, chat...everything you need to conduct online interviews.

Reduce overhead by collecting feedback online

No more physical debriefings. Speed up the hiring process by having panel members fill out their feedback forms online, asynchronously. You can also try to reduce hiring bias through structured, customisable feedback forms.

Customisable interview feedback forms

Customise the feedback form at a job-level so that it fits that particular job’s needs.

Send notifications when feedback is due

Freshteam automatically sends email notifications when interview feedback is due.

Make and manage offers

Generate and email offer letters to candidates. You can also record candidate decisions and store offer data, in your applicant tracking system. When a candidate accepts an offer and moves to the 'Hired' state, you also have the option of using a webhook to add them to your HRMS.