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Share your unique referral link with your Shopify clients. Once they sign up, sit back and earn commissions while we take care of the rest. No sales or implementation required.

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Earn generous commissions of 20% for a full year for the customer lifecycle simply by referring your customers, and $5 for every valid lead. If a customer you refer converts but does not enable the Shopify integration, you will earn 15% commission for a full year and $5 for every valid lead.

Best-in-class products

Proudly promote Freshworks products with Shopify integrations used by over 50,000 companies across the globe that will exceed your customers expectations.

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Promote world-class products with Shopify integrations

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Freshmarketer for Shopify

Freshmarketer is a complete, multichannel marketing solution tailored for SMB Shopify storefront owners. It helps store owners increase customer engagement, improve conversions, run targeted campaigns at scale, increase repeat purchases with upsell and cross-sell nudges, and nurture customers across multiple channels.

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