Why are you applying US sales tax to my order?

Customers purchasing or renewing our taxable products with billing address in the states mentioned below are subject to tax according to the state law. The details can be found in the respective state’s portal under question 2 below. If there is an exemption, please contact us with your exemption documentation. Where available, we recommend providing blanket certificates (covers all orders) which remain in force until revoked in writing or by a tax authority.

Note: Our list price do not include tax and will be a separate component in the invoice.

Where can I find US sales tax exemption forms?

The US sales tax exemption forms applicable to each taxable state can be found below:

For Government exemption or immunity from State or Local taxes, you may elect to use Standard Form 1094 when no other evidence is available - Standard Form 1094

US sales tax was applied on my purchase of Freshworks product/s, however I can now submit a valid exemption document covering the period of the purchase. Can I obtain a refund for the sales tax portion of my payment?

Generally US sales tax will be applied to all taxable orders where valid exemption documentation has not been provided to Freshworks. However, if valid exemption documentation covering the period of the purchase can be supplied, please contact our Finance Team to arrange for the refund of your purchase within 30 days of payment. After that time, you may contact your local state tax authority or amend your sales tax return to obtain a refund directly from your local revenue authorities.

I'm a Reseller located in a taxable US state, but I'm buying on behalf of a customer who is not located in a taxable US state. Will US sales tax apply?

For Reseller or Partner orders, the application of the US sales is based on the location of the Reseller/Partner and not the location of the customer or technical contact. If a valid reseller exemption certificate has not been supplied at the time of order, then US sales tax will automatically be applied to the order.

Is the US Sales tax applicable only to the core products or are they applicable to other services such as training and implementation, etc.?

US Sales tax is applicable on all invoiced charges including implementation and training.

Who can I get in touch with if I have any questions?

You may reach out to your respective Freshworks’ Account Manager for any questions regarding US sales tax collection, refund or exemption. You may also reach out to our finance support team as an alternative.