How does Freshsales stack up against HubSpot CRM? 
Let’s look at some facts.

Contact Management

When it comes to managing contacts, accounts, and deals, both Freshsales and HubSpot hit the mark. But, Freshsales has an upper hand, giving you the flexibility to customize your CRM as your business expands across geography, business size, or product lines by creating sales territories. You can create a systematic sales territory management plan to organize your team, auto-assign leads in a round-robin, assign phone numbers to territories, transfer calls to territories, limit territory access, and more. Although HubSpot has an option to segment and auto assign leads (using teams and workflows), it’s a lot simpler and easier to perform these actions in Freshsales CRM.

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Manage contacts, accounts, deals
Auto enrich profiles
Create sales territories
Assignment rules
Custom sales activities

Record Management

When it comes to the term “unlimited”, both Freshsales and HubSpot provide unlimited users in the free plan. But where Freshsales CRM stands out is in giving you unlimited record storage across all plans. Freshsales also gives you the flexibility to customize your modules by renaming them to suit your business-specific terminology. You may refer to contacts as customers or accounts depending upon your industry. This feature removes confusion among sales teams and helps you work more efficiently.

Unlimited record storage
Renaming module
Filters and custom views

Lead Scoring

This feature is available only in the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise, which is an additional cost and is quite expensive. But in Freshsales, it’s a built-in feature at no extra cost. You can customize your lead scoring model to categorize your leads into hot, warm, and cold. Assign scores by adding and subtracting points based on lead’s interaction with your company—their behavior on your website, in-app, and email. Give your sales reps the means to focus their time and effort to pursue the right leads using lead scoring in Freshsales.

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Score leads by property
Score leads by website, in-app, and email activities

Behavior Analytics

Context before conversation allows for a more meaningful engagement with prospects during their buying journey—what pages on your website interested them, how are they using your app, did they open your email, etc. Freshsales tracks your user behavior starting from their first touchpoint. You can see the pages they visited, how many times they did so, and what content they downloaded. It also offers the option to track user activities in your web app. HubSpot lacks the ability to track app events even on subscribing to the highest Marketing and Sales plan at an additional cost.

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Track website visitors
Track web application events

Email Management

Both Freshsales and HubSpot have a robust email management system. Freshsales allows you to integrate any email provider (Gmail, Outlook, and others) with the CRM system so you can access your emails without having to switch applications. When you connect your mailbox, emails are synced to your Freshsales inbox and are automatically linked to relevant records.

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Send sales campaigns
View into emails awaiting a response
Track and schedule emails
View conversation history
Personalized email templates
View shared inbox for sales emails

Built-in Phone

Hands down, Freshsales beats HubSpot when it comes to the in-built phone functionalities. One-click to call, auto-log, record, transfer and mask calls, buy toll-free and local numbers, set welcome and voicemail messages, and add call notes are the advantageous capabilities of the Freshsales built-in phone. While HubSpot does have in-built phone functionality, it lacks certain key capabilities that are essential for growing sales teams.

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Built-in phone system
Manual and auto log call
Call recording and transfer
Buy local numbers
Voicemail recording
Call masking and forwarding


While both HubSpot and Freshsales allow you to create reports and dashboards, Freshsales has the upper hand as the reports functionality is built-in and you do not have to shell out money for add-ons to generate extra reports. Freshsales CRM also gives you the flexibility to create reports using data across all modules, export it as a CSV or a PDF file, and even schedule it to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals.  

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Standard reports
Custom reports
Cross module reporting
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard


Email, phone, and chat support are free in Freshsales from day one, while they come with a price tag in HubSpot

Free email, phone and chat support

                              Note: Data as of 1st January 2019


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